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Why can't I send a PDF from my new iphone?

Asked by JLeslie (58766points) November 18th, 2016 from iPhone

I have a PDF that was sent to me by email, I open it, then try to send it to someone else in a text, and it won’t go. It says iMessage needs to be enabled to send this.

Here’s the thing, then I try to message it to my husband and it goes.

The iPhone doesn’t have an option to save it. I tried to save it as a jpg in my computer, but there is no option to convert it.

What’s going on? Most specifically, why can I text it to my husband, but not someone else?

How can I fix it?

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The other person may not be able to receive it because they are on a different carrier and don’t have an iPhone.

Send it attached to an email then text them to check their mail.

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Why does it need to be an iPhone for a text? Can’t android receive pdf’s?

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I’m pretty sure you can’t send attachments by text message. The iMessage is more like an email than a text. When I send an iMessage without 3G or wifi it won’t send. It gives me the option to send as a text message.

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I’ve never had this happen before. I can send jpg’s to my inlaws and they are on android.

I’ll take a photo of the document and see if it works. Even just for curiosity’s sake.

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As @Stinley say, iMessage is not a text program. It’s a proprietary messaging app and people not using iMessage aren’t getting the same message seen by iPhone users.

I have group of friends who use iPhones and I can’t see the attachments. I can’t see that they’re in a group chat, I just get texts from one person to me.

It’s annoying. I hate it when companies won’t stick to standards.

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^^I never had realized this before. I hate that about Apple. I always have.

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It’s still odd to me the JPG’s can be sent and not the PDF. It’s confusing to me, but I’m not tech savvy. Obviously. Lol.

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I don’t get how a JPG is different, either.

Now I’m Googling. Oh dear, what a mess.

For example, I found people switching from iPhone to Android stop receiving ALL messages, because their friends’ phones still send to iMessage.

But, let’s see if I can find something useful. More Googling…

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One thing interesting I never would have noticed.

Items in blue on your iPhone are iMessages. Proprietary.
Items in green are the standard SMS/MMS usable by everyone.

Your iPhone might (I think) be using iMessage over WIFI and SMS/MMS when you’re on a cell network.

This might help:
Make Sure MMS is Turned On
—Open up Settings, then tap on Messages
—Locate MMS Messaging option and check whether or not it is turned on
—If MMS Messaging is turned off then toggle it on using the slider


My brain hurts from trying to figure this out without an iPhone in hand. Maybe over the holidays I can test it when I have some sitting around time with both Androids and iPhone in the house.

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