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How hard it is to change people's perception about you?

Asked by imrainmaker (8347points) November 19th, 2016

It is said first impression is the last impression. How difficult will it be for you to change perception about you if you have been caught in situation which shows you in bad light but only you’re aware that it’s only because of bad luck / circumstances?

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A sincere apology goes a long way. I’ve learned that recently.

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The best and usually only way to ensure the possibility of setting things right is to look the other person in the face (no emails, texts or phone calls) and apologize, sincerely and simply (avoid a lengthy explanation). It’s then in the other person’s court.

I know this works (and sometimes doesn’t) through hard experience.

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If you know yourself, are confident in your own skin & are loved, respected & popular among family & friends, then put simply, any negative perception is an irrelevant nonsense.

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Only hard if you care about what they think of you or if their opinions will have direct consequence on your life. But, really, pay them no mind, people can think what they want but so long as you believe in truth of your action it’ll become the truth regardless of what others think.

If you want to change their perception toward you then simply give them an excuse the next time you see them (i.e. “I know this sounds like an excuse/I seem to do xxx yesterday but actually the truth is bla bla bla…), hoping that they’ll believe you. The other way is to perform the same situation honestly in front of them and hoping that they’ll eventually come to realization that you’re actually not bad individual through their repetitious observation.

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First impressions being the longer lasting one, I believe this to be fallacy. I find perceptions change greatly the more you get to know a person. It is true however, that someone you never really get to know will be labeled in your eyes with what scarce interactions you may have had with them.

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If paradigms change then perceptions can change. The person viewing you has assumptions and convictions they follow to see the world (paradigms), if those change they will view you differently

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First impressions are hard, hard to change. I think it takes about a month of pretty continuous contact, with no repeats, for it to change.

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From good to bad: very hard
From bad to good:very easy

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^^^ I think it’s the other way around.

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^^ I agree…it takes lifetime to build good image and a moment of ignorance to break.

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And people always remember the bad much more than the good.

In customer service training I learned that if a person has a bad experience (with a company) they’ll tell an average of 10 people. If they have a good experience they’ll tell an average of 3 people.

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In real life, if you are truly sincere….there is a good chance they will see the good in you. Here in Fluther…save your energy.

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LOL! I see the good in you, @Cruiser! I don’t care what everyone else is saying! Glad to know I’m not the only one who sometimes feels beleaguered and misunderstood here.

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I have learned that my first perceptions are only about 30% correct. People are either on their best behavior when first meeting, or they are shy, or nervous or any number of things and are not showing their true selves in a first meeting.
@Cruiser I don’t think there is any bad in you.

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The Jellies below me are correct. I apologise for the brain malfunktion. I did mean to say it’s harder to improve reputation than to ruin it.

And I don’t think there is any bad in Cruiser either.

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* malfunction

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Who gives a crap? Their perception is their problem. (if this is a personal thing. If it’s a business thing, that changes the answer).

All you have control over is YOU. Not them and not their thoughts. Keep being yourself. Maybe their eyes will open, maybe not, but don’t dwell on it. Too much attention to a negative is counterproductive. (Streisand effect)

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I think one bad impression can be overcome as long as you didn’t do something really horrible. You just need to be given the chance (time) to overcome it.

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Speaking for myself, I will use Fluther as an example

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I don’t have a negative opinion about you @josie

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