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Paris Hilton has a sense of humor?

Asked by kelly (1908points) August 5th, 2008

Her rebuttal ad to McCain is thoughtful and witty. My image of her is somewhat modified, how about Flutherites?

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Well, the last time I saw Paris Hilton, her image was quite blurry and green. :P

On the other hand, she has never come off as a smart and witty person. She’s the person that wore a “Vote or Die” t-shirt but never voted in the ‘04 election.

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I haven’t seen it, but I don’t really care, she’s dug a hole too deep into the plane of retardation to ever make it back alive.

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Pretty sure someone else wrote the spoof for her.

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Just so we know what is being discussed. I thought it was funny. I still don’t like her but that was pretty well done.

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I thought it was funny and well-done, too, especially since McCain used her (and Britney) in his ad. Boy, does McCain know how to stoop. I think I might rather have Paris Hilton as president than him.

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Bite your tongue, Trustinglife! Paris Hilton is a waste of carbon.

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@syz: I used to think so too, but now I see her more as the Jane Mansfield of our day. She knows how the world sees her and she keeps feeding them that garbage. Deep down I’d like to believe that she’s smart and savvy and in total control of her image. I think prison time did her good.

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@syz, you’re probably right… Britney Spears would make a better president.~

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I agree with Augustlan, I was really impressed with her ability to read a teleprompter, but other than that, I just thought someone over at “funny or die” is a good writer who knows how the world sees Paris Hilton, and is successfully getting people to visit the “funny or die” website.

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I’ll put her in the same category as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and a few others: I’m hoping for the day she makes an announcement to say it was all (as in her entire ‘career’ to date) one big joke…......then I’ll respect her!

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I saw the video and I thought it was funny, however, it doesn’t change my image of her, because she can’t really take credit for it. It wasn’t her idea, she just agreed to do it.
Here is the news story CNN did on it.

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Thanks for the link marissa! Now I know that the line “Oh, and I might paint it pink” (the white house) was hers. Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me for insinuating that she contributed absolutely nothing! Boy am I glad they did a news story on it, to get out the real truth!
(GA, marissa)

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What an awesome link. So glad I watched that. I totally thought she was using a teleprompter! I guess Paris can memorize! Well, alrighty then.

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Trustinglife, I’m not as confident in her ability to memorize as you. That magazine was the perfect size for a cheat sheet wasn’t it? lol

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oooh, good point, marissa!! i was wrong about the teleprompter too. but it didn’t seem like she was really looking down that much. i saw her on larry king live one time and she was blatantly reading off a piece of paper. i can’t find it on youtube right now, but i’m sure if you look hard enough it’s around.

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DUH! Someone else wrote it for her…and someone was surely pulling her string to make her mouth move in the right direction. I think she’s got the brain activity of an amoeba.

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