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When you take a selfie, does the person you see match the person you know? YOU?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) November 20th, 2016

If you don’t take selfies, don’t participate.

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No. I look scuzy.

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It looks like the selfie version of me.

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Never. Photos and especially video reveal to me an image of myself far different from the one I see in the mirror, especially the image of myself in my head. Sometimes that photo image is more flattering (at least to me), but usually it’s not.

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Yup, that’s me.

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Have you seen the selfies I take?

In real life, if I look in the mirror, I usually see my entire face. I am just not there with selfies. I’m lucky if both eyes make it in.

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Why do I look hungover?...


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I ask because my selfies look NOTHING like me.
I’m a vital, productive man that can move and shake things. That grandpa in the selfies? Is not ME. I pace 19 yo’s, and best 30 yo’s.

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ARE your scuzy, @RedDeerGuy1? If not, clean up, add lighting, and take a new selfie.
You’re good, @ANef_is_Enuf.

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I have the same problem, @Pachy. My Mirror lies, too.
Nice confidence, @Tropical_Willie
@BellaB? HONESTLY, those pants make you look skinny!

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Oops, @SecondHandStoke. You look like you were late to the party. Dammit, start a new one. I’m in.

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You’re sure this print isn’t TOO much?

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