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Can you think of examples of people doing impactful/amazing things? Perhaps this couldn't have been done without access to a computer, the Internet or social communities. The computer was a resource or a tool for them to reach out and do something that's made a difference or even an entrepreneurial venture.

Asked by dalynnf (9points) August 5th, 2008


Wael Abbas

Wael Abbas is an Egyptian journalist, blogger and human rights activist who blogs at Misr Digital (Egyptian Awareness). He reported an incident of mob harassment of women, and broadcast several videos of police brutality. His actions lead to the conviction of police for torture, but he has been harassed by the Egyptian government, and his accounts with YouTube and Yahoo were closed. YouTube has since restored his account and most of his videos.

Matt and Jessica Flannery
Co-Founders Kiva

Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Matt began developing Kiva with his wife Jessica in late 2004 as a side-project with while working as a computer programmer at TiVo, Inc. In December 2005 Matt left his job to devote himself to Kiva full-time. As CEO, Matt has led Kiva’s growth from a pilot project to an established online service with partnerships across the globe and millions in dollars loaned to low income entrepreneurs.

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The only person I can think of that has ever made an impact with computers is… Bill Gates!

This question is very old, but I’m glad to be the first answer!

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