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Is there a way to profit from the alt-right movement? Should I try to corner the market on brown shirts? Or maybe white cloth for KKK robes?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28839points) November 21st, 2016

Trying to anticipate how to defuse the effect of the Trump Taliban.

I wonder if there are any economic angles.

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Buy stock in Zyklon-B

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Sure, yeah. You can be the next Shindler. Employ the gay, Hispanic, and black people to produce “uniforms” so they don’t get rounded up by the government.

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Rant poorly disguised as a question.

Does not belong in General.

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@SecondHandStoke – actually, no. I asked it because I think there are opportunities for business in this situation.

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There’s a fortune to be made in marketing symbolic imagery to the “committed”. Get ahead of the curve and exploit the considerable numbers of feeble minded souls of the ilk admonishing Obama’s missing flag pin.

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Pffft, you may sell in the double digits. You would be better off selling TP with the donalds orange head printed on it. Someone certainly has done it already though. You want to make money off the alt-right sell them prepping supplies. This question should be moved to Social.

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I know that your “robes” comment is tongue-and-cheek, but it touches on something very real. For the most part, the KKK no longer wears robes and hoods. Some members still do so, but not nearly as many or as prevalently. This isn’t because the Clan realized that hate symbols are wrong. To the contrary, it’s because the imagery has grown to be ridiculous and makes its wearers look ignorant and stupid. A robe-less and hood-less KKK has more credibility.

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There may be a few thousand KKK members in the whole country, total. Not the best business model. Neo-nazi gangs are what race based hate groups have evolved into. The KKK is basically dead.

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@Love_my_doggie – that’s a good point. I know that we still have Klan people here in Georgia, particularly north of Atlanta, and that they still meet and have conferences and conclaves.

But you don’t see them in robes.

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Sell Bomb Shelters and Geiger counters.

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I would be surprised if some site with a name like “Conservative Tees” isn’t already selling some of these:

“We Had An Election and All You Got Was Cucked”
“White Lives Matter More”
“Black Lives Don’t Matter to Me”
“What Part of WHITE House Do You Not Understand?”
“Real Men Grab Her by the Pussy”
“How’s That First Woman President Working Out for You?”

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For folks who fancy themselves to be against hate there sure is a lot of piss and vinegar behind you when you express hate toward conservatives. Honestly, it comes off as petty and childish.

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^^^ This question’s about the alt-right: people with extreme ideologies who reject mainstream conservatism. I doubt that anyone in this thread feels “hate” for conservatives; I certainly don’t. Also, @elbanditoroso‘s being ironic and humorous, not literal.

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Referencing above off-topic post

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It’s more about contempt than hated.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me My post was exactly on topic. If I wanted to make money despite my scruples, I could sell a ton of those shirts.

And that’s your team. Your people in their own words. I’m not the one you need to lecture about hate.

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^Conservatives can dish it. But they can’t take it…

Bringing up facts makes them mad because they are living in a delusion, where they are the good guys.

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^ Oh, very true, I can certainly dish it.

But do not confuse my calling out the disingenuous, bumpersticker buzzwords, false equivalents, straw arguments, popular assumptions and the like as my being unable to “take it.”

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Holding people accountable for their words is so unfair! My delicate feelings!

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Investing in Trump companies might be a good move just now if you have the stomach for it.

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