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How would you satirize Donald Trump?

Asked by LostInParadise (27910points) November 21st, 2016

At first it seemed like Trump’s election was a gift from the gods of comedy. As much as I like Obama, I have to admit that he does not provide much material for being made fun of, but Trump should be a comedic gold mine.

On second thought that may not be the case. To satirize you need to exaggerate a person’s traits, but what if a person so awful that he is beyond exaggeration? Trump said that he could get away with shooting someone. How do you top that? Have him actually shoot someone? How do you exaggerate Trump’s treatment of women or remarks about immigrants? The funniest thing about the bits I have heard so far are the tweets that Trump sent in response. Is Trump going to sue SNL? They must be hoping for it, causing their ratings to skyrocket.

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There’s no need to, he is comedy gold all by himself, the gift that keeps on giving.
Saw him on the tellybox this morning owning Romney & Christie, bet he fucking loved that.

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A year and a half of total preoccupation with this awful creature whom we must now call [gag] president is enough for me. Time to move on.

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I don’t feel the funny.

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In whatever way gets me the most Lurve.

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The man has no sense of humor, and really can’t even laugh. He gets to the point of a smirk, but is incapable of telling a real joke.

Satire in this case is a waste of breath. The best way to deal with him? Ignore him.

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I would hire Alec Baldwin. I mean, seriously, have you seen his impersonation on “Saturday Night Live”? It’s perfect.

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I loved the SNL skits until Trump was elected. Now, even though they are funny, I can’t laugh.

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I tend to just link to Colbert’s Trump vs. Trump debate, which just plays Trump quotes that have him saying ridiculous self-opposing things.

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@anniereborn I did laugh, this past weekend, at “Google, what is ISIS?”

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@Love_my_doggie Truth be told, so did I :p

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As someone pretending to be president in a porn movie.

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