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Does anyone really go out of their way to send holiday cards?

Asked by MooCows (3195points) November 21st, 2016

I am a card sender. I believe I got the itch from
my 101 year young grandmother who used to
send a card for every occasion. Of course back
then stamps were 5 cents maybe. Now stamps
are 55 cents and cards at the cheapest are $1.00.
BUT I get so much pleasure sending cards that
every year I say ok only 12 this year and it ends
up being about 30. I am very picky about the cards
I do send and it takes me several months to pick
just the right ones. I just hope the friends and loved
ones I send them to enjoy them. Anyone know of
someone who just needs a holiday card?

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I wish I was a card sender. It’s always been a source of guilt for me that I get to near Christmas and realise that yet again, I forgot to send them. I’ve even bought boxes of them over the years, and then don’t write them or post them.

I think we’ve lost the ‘writing’ skill and that includes cards and letters. Good for you @MooCows. I’m sure your recipients appreciate them.

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I have been a sender, off and on, if I have good picture of the kids to send. Otherwise, I will skip a year.

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My wife does, she hand makes most of them too.

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We have a short list we sent cards to each holiday.

My father, sixty years ago, sent out up to 400 cards each Christmas. He was in a customer service position with customers in 15 different countries and all the states in the United States. My Mom had a spiral ring notebook with sent and received (along with current address).

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I too have been a sender over the years when my daughter was small and the family/friends pool was bigger but in the last 15 or so I just quit. Card Turkey. haha
Honestly, I am not really a card person and I will throw your card away within a couple days tops. Thanks anyway.

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I, too, am a holiday card sender. My mom did and I do and many of my friends do. I still send cards to certain former coworkers and friends and it is the only way we keep in touch, year after year.

I have sent out Christmas cards since I was about 16. I used to take great pains to choose just the right card, too. Now it’s a card with my daughter’s photo on it. I print 100 at Costco and I mail out about 40 and then I hand about another 30 to people at work or around the neighborhood or school staff. I like printing more than I need so I have spares.

I have my card list on Excel in the work computer and I update it as necessary. Every year I strive to send th cards out early but between getting them printed and then mailing them out, it’s often not far before Christmas that I’m putting them in the mail.

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