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What is the best habit you have taken up from another person ?

Asked by Manas (97points) November 22nd, 2016
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Me & the wife cum together, a great shared habit to get into.

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Cutting most sugar out of my diet. An old girlfriend talked to me a few years back on joining her in dropping a bit of weight. We shared a lot of info both ways; most important is what she taught me about the effect of simple sugars and insulin response.

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Not letting stuff at work get to me too much…learning how to let go so stress won’t impact my health too much.

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Multitasking effectively, balancing my well-being and others.

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Emptying my pocketbook, except for essentials, every time I go out for an evening or travel out of town.

Many years ago, my then-boyfriend’s mother got purse-snatched while she was walking outside a theatre. She learned a lesson that she shared with me – don’t always bring everything that one would carry for day-to-day activities. That evening, she might have needed her keys, driver’s license, a comb, some cash, and maybe one credit card, but she certainly didn’t need her checkbook, library card, address book, full assortment of credit cards, frequent-buyer card for the market, etc., etc. She lost everything and went through great trouble and effort to get replacements.

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Matt is super patient, and I used to be but am not anymore, and I miss being patient, so his influence on me has been really good in that regard.

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All the good ones are mine and bad ones are taken from others…jk..) i have taken my reading habit / hobby from my father.

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Reading textbooks for fun and watching news from other countries.

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Practical problem solving; how to isolate what element in a system is causing the problem.

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@Manas Turning off lights as I leave a room.

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No talking on phone while driving.

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Following the advice given to me by experts. They are expert for a reason and if you are going to spend time and money consulting an expert, you should at least attempt to follow their advice. (Choose your experts wisely though).

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Getting rid of all sorts of life rules and prohibitions and living by two simple precepts.

1. In the Wiccan Way—As it harms no other—do as you will—-

2. I count the day lost I don’t learn something new or cause a person to think

That’s it. Two simple statements. Two folks, decades apart, granted me these small pearls of wisdom.

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Learn to plan for, and take an annual vacation away from home. No staying with relatives. Get away, relax, read. The brain needs a recharge. Limit computer, phone to no more than five minutes, then shit it down! Be present in the moment.

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