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Why are carrot roots orange?

Asked by delirium (13698points) August 6th, 2008

Are all roots bizarre colors and I just don’t notice? (Should I start digging things up and washing off the roots?)

(My father refuses to answer this.)

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Carotene, a pigment that acts as a sort of supplementary light absorber to clorophyll.

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;) Wasn’t looking for the literal answer, but more the question of what kind of advantage it brought/connected with.

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What good is photo synthesis underground?

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MOST carrots are orange. I’ve worked with yellow ones, white ones (no not parsnip) black ones (really dark purple), red ones, purple ones and purple/orange ones.

And just in case you wanna know.

Anthoncyanin is the red/purple pigment. Like in beets.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment.

Phlavon is the white pigment.

(sorry if the spelling are off they’re this is off the top of my head)

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Coooool! I’ve never seen those before!

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I like this picture.

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Beets are roots and:“Varieties come in red, gold, white, and red & white striped called the candy cane variety.”

Have you seen the little blue potatoes (also growns underground)?

Turnips are magenta and white.

Maybe that beauty is more than skin-deep?

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Also, if you look closely you can tell carrots are related to parsley. The leave look the same, and if you have ever seen a parsley root, it looks like a carrot.

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They’re also orange because farmers grow what people want. Those are the best tasting, so those sell the most, and thus forms our perception as Carrots being orange- even though many roots that are technically carrots aren’t orange at all. If yellow carrots sold the best, that’s the predominant color you would see in the supermarket.

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YUM! Okay, now I want to go get all the colors and taste them.

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I need to retract one of my facts.

I said “Anthoncyanin is the red/purple pigment. Like in beets.”

I am incorrect. Anthocyanin is indeed a red/purple color but it’s not in beets. It’s the red cabbage and blood oranges. (I knew this) What I didn’t know was BEETS have a different pigment called BETALAIN.

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Whatever the scientific name (and I am impressed, Simone) beet juice will stain everything it touches, except stainless steel,

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Beet juice even stains your internal organs! Purple poop. I’ve seen it.

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< < not wanting whatever job jballou has.

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@robmandu I have a normal job, and beet-loving over-sharing friends.

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< < not wanting whatever friends jballou has.

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