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What do you think of Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows?

Asked by dopeguru (1917points) November 22nd, 2016

I’m seeking negative arguments here.

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I have zero interest in fashion shows of any kind but hey, if you’re a beautiful young model that can model sexy lingerie why not? We’re not talking hardcore porn here or sexed up little girls in beauty pageants we’re talking adult women with modelling careers modelling beautiful lingerie, what’s negative about that? If you’re only seeking negative arguments you are being biased. Why the need for negative argument?

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Negative? Well, they are over too quickly.

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Why bother posing the question if you only want one kind of response? That’s not particularly conductive to discussion.

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My kids buy from VS, but personally I’m not a fan.

It promotes the idea that to be “the perfect woman” she must be sexy, beautiful, thin, etc. That’s not a healthy self image to promote because there are a lot of very young girls who frequent their shops.

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People who attend fashion shows are being aspirational. They want to look like (and dress like) the unrealistic models that are walking the runway. The problem is that if you’re a woman in a size 10 dress, no matter what you buy from VS, you’re never going to look like the toothpick on stage.

So if you look at is as escape (like seeing a movie about skiing because you have no chance of ever hitting the slopes), then it’s great and harmless.

If you look at it and become frustrated, then it’s a silly obsession,

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I’ll never shop in another Vicky’s after how one sales lady treated me.

But the models look nice enough.

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My interest in the shows were an adjunct to an investigation of VS’s L Brands CEO Les Wexner and his properties in NYC, Long Island the Caribbean. Directly, I have no personal interest in watching skinny half-starved women prancing on stage in lingerie. I prefer women with more meat on them.

Evidently there has been a connection between the Wexner and Trump pageants and the Wexner properties as party venues for the economic and politically powerful including convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and accused children-for-sex procurers Virginia Roberts and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of British media magnate Robert Maxwell). The Wexner and Epstein NYC, L.I. and V.I. properties in question were cited during Epstein’s trial as a popular pedophile party venues with guests including Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

Sounds fantastic, I know, but I think the fact that there is no interest in investigating these things further is more interesting than watching Auschwitz victim look-a-likes model underwear under strobe lights.

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The VS fashion shows give a glitzy glamour false promise of a quality product. Stuff is cheaply made crap…IMO of course.

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I have never seen one of their shows but they do seem malnourished.
Their lingerie is over priced and low quality in my opinion.

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Well, I am not a fan of objectifying women and setting unreasonable standards for beauty and body image but then again, if you’ve got it flaunt it. I just took a look at some of the models from 2015/16 and while trim and buff and yes, slender, none of them look emaciated or anorexic. Also, don’t forget, we were all, ( well most of us anyway ) in pretty hot shape at age 19–26. I know I was. haha
What I don’t like is all the breast augmentation, natural is always prettier IMO.

I know when i was in the best shape of my life, petite but curvy, at my ideal weight, walking, running and riding my horse miles a week, working out, several of my heavier friends accused me of being anorexic and too thin. I was not, I was in peak condition and looked great and ate plenty.

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I have no idea who this “Victoria” is, and her secret fashion shows do not interest me one bit.

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When they first opened that store, I thought it was called “Victoria’s Secretions” and I was completely grossed out. Why would anyone care about that?

But they have been around for 25+ years, and doing well. So if they want to have fashion shows to objectify women, and it makes them money, why complain?

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I think I want a front row seat and a backstage pass!

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