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What degree is best for dementia research?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17707points) November 22nd, 2016

Biology, psychology, psychiatry, biochemistry, psych nursing, etc? Or others. Pre-med or G.P. doctor? What is a good start?

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It depends on what kind of research, where one wants to do research at, and to what end.
If you are talking about trying to find a cure, medications that will help, or the causes….you are gonna need to start with a Bachelor of Science degree.

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@anniereborn I want to start as a layman and learn what I can. I will finish high school science first too.

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Before a dementia research team would consider hiring you, you would need at lest a BS in Clinical Science (I worked in a medical research lab for 12 years). Clinical Science majors take such classes as biology (including core, bacteriology, genetics, evolution), chemistry (including biochemistry, inorganic & organic, and qualitative and quantitative analysis), immunology, parasitology, math (algebra, trig, finite math, calculus).

Fun stuff! You can do it!

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@gondwanalon Yes I agree that it is fun. I might not finish my high school chemistry and physics soon. I might go the philosophy route and write in fluther for fun.

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A friend of mine is a non-medical researcher in a specific area of dementia. She completed two doctorates in anthropology including degree level work in epidemiology. Lots of math and science in there.

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^^ I’m not sure what mathematical calculations are needed here?

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Epidemiology is statistics, statistics and more statistics. When I did my degrees years ago, you had to have honours level stats at the three year level to get into an epidemiology class (other than intro – which still needed statistics if you dreamed of passing).

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Ok.. Thanks for the info..)

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If you really sincerely want to pursue a degree in something (anything) then you’re to have to get your high school equivalence diploma first. Then you enroll in college and you’re going to have to start with the basics, same as everyone else. There are no shortcuts no matter how much you want there to be. Once you’re enrolled in college the best thing for you to do would be to speak to a guidance councilor at the college who can then direct you on the best course for the degree you want to pursue.

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@Darth_Algar Thanks I have a high school diploma I just need to finish my chemistry and physics. I have two years of liberal arts. I am saving $200 a month to pay off my student loans. I live next door to an adult high school and need $500 a class. I will start casual and sign out library books and purchase Amazon books for cheap. I am getting my heath taken care of first. I will use free Kahn academy soon.
I have grade 12 English, social studies, biology, math, and science , I have grade 11 Chemistry and physics, and drama.

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