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Will you be on Fluther on Christmas and new years?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16379points) November 23rd, 2016

I will. Say hi to me.

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Wave “hi“as I go by.

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I can’t think that far into the future. :)

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I expect that I will be, as I’m on most days. Fluther and Facebook are my favorite time-killers.

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If I am here, I certainly will!

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I don’t celebrate Christmas, and I don’t expect to be hung over on New Years Day (we’re going to a big party, but I very seldom over-indulge). Sure, I’ll be here and very happy to chat.

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Probably, I don’t have any diehard plans. My holiday celebrations are small and casual and I never go out on new years anymore.

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I imagine I’ll be here a few times. Will definitely say hey.

(does Fluther do virtual holiday parties?)

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No Christmas here, only New Year. But that doesn’t decide whether I’m here or not.

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I don’t have any definite plans for the holly days. I’ll probably drop by, but don’t get your hopes too high.

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Most likely. I’ll say hi if I am.

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Probably. or at least around that timeframe.

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I’ll almost certainly stop in

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@BellaB does Fluther do virtual holiday parties?

We’re a bunch of virtual party animals! When we’re not busy biting each other’s heads off, we can be seen partying our virtual ass*s off! All it takes is for someone to start the thread!

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@BellaB @Yetanotheruser I suggest a party in the chatroom!

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Probably yes. Christmas is usually a quiet day spent at home, so I’ll have time to come online. New Year’s…well, I’ll be hungover, but I’ll drop by.

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Christmas…likely not. We will be on the road to meet DB’s family for a Christmas Buffet near-by her home town.

Since we celebrate New Year’s Day on October 3 as the Wheel of the Year turns, the traditional New Year’s is sorta anti-climactic. Besides, being in Times Square is worse than being in a triple packed sardine can (we live in Manhattan…) so it is quite likely I’ll drop by…

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No, I have too much else to do on those days. On New Years Day, I won’t be sober enough to answer questions.

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