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Can you recommend a church or religious group, or any group, to go to in order to make friends?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16995points) November 23rd, 2016

Preferably no ritual or singing. Doesn’t need to be Christian. Online or Red Deer , Alberta, Canada.

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Any where you would be comfortable and think you would have common beliefs with the other members. It’s a good place to allow friendships to happen, in my experience at least.

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All religion is is ritual and singing.

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Maybe you would like the Quakers.

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@dappled_leaves Tell me more about Quakers?

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I think you are better off with some kind of hobby group.

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You can go to and look for groups that have similar interests. Maybe you can find other time travelers.

You can do volunteer work.

I can’t imagine a religious group without rituals. What would they do when they meet?

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See if there is a Unitarian congregation in Red Deer. They are very welcoming and accepting and are non-creedal.

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See if there is a humanist group near you.

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Lots of options. The thing is, you really need to get out to meet those people.

If I was local to Red Deer, I’d check this group out

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I don’t think Quaker (Friends) sing but they are an awesome inclusive group of people.

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@Judi Thanks, I really didn’t have time to do the homework. :)

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