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The best part of waking up?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) August 6th, 2008

How do you take your mornings? What is your routine?

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Going back to sleep. =)

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Folgers in your cup!

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Phhtwwhhh to morning people.

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Agreed to an extent. I work nights so when I see the sun, that means I can go home and to bed. Best part of the day!

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randy beat me to the punch! god bless advertising and their persistant brain programing.

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On a school holiday it’ll take forever to get me awake. However on a school day I’ll get up at 6:00 have a shower and be ready quite quickly. It’s a routine embedded into me. But that all goes out the window when on the weekends and holidays heh :)

There isn’t a best part to waking up for me. I wake up then dread what is to come. For example today I have a driving lesson. I hate them sadly, eugh :( every other day I dread doing nothing or, homework, or school, or work or whatever it is. There doesn’t seem to be a good side heh.

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Introduce myself to the woman next to me

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There’s a good side to waking up?

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Those quiet moments by myself before the house wakes up. I drink a cup of coffee, check out Fluther, watch CNN and prepare myself for the day.

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I walk to the big window in my livingroom to see the city, and 3 volcanoes that look like huge cones of vanilla ice cream :)

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Morning coffee…

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The best part of the morning is when it starts after noon….

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The best part of waking up is seeing my husband sleeping next to me… I usually cuddle up next to him for a few minutes before I actually get up and get ready for work.

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I have to agree with summer, waking up and seeing my fiance with her mouth gapping and sound asleep(5:45), I just can’t help but to pull her close to me…........and then get up.

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Another day to start all over and new possibilities.

My routine: My dog wakes me at 5:30 AM everyday, feed the dog, walk him, eat breakfast, watch news, check my blogs site traffic and emails, shower and go to work by 8:30 AM.

Very unexciting….

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first glass of water

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wake up at 545 am depending on what day it is I either drive 20 miles to get kids from there dad or just get up and get ready for work and get kids ready for daycare and rush out the door.

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Coffee and the potential of the day.

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that glorious morning pee

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snuggling with my sweetie before i have to get out of bed

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Having my fuzzy little Jelly (kitty) come and cuddle under the covers with me and purr. I call her my morning kitty.

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I love that first sip of morning coffee. Always makes me feel better no matter how ugly the day looks. Close second is checking in to find out which child our Pug is crashed out with.

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Waking up naturally, with no alarm clock. Of course, this is not the usual routine…but on a day that I have no agenda, no to-dos, I LOVE waking up nice and leisurely (sp?) with a big stretch, and maybe going right back to sleep :)

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Knowing you do.

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Turning off my alarm clock, chatting with my husband

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If I actually do have to get up in the morning, then the best thing would have to be my anti-bitch. It’s my inoculation against the light. Yup, that would be coffee.

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Bear in mind this is my Iraq schedule:

1. get dressed——do 27 pushups
2. shave—do 27 pushups
3. brush my teeth/rinse—do 27 pushups
4. out the door/walk to work/pray or meditate while walking to work.
5. cup of coffee
6. breakfast (optional)
7. work

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Of course, I’ll also have to add on tea. The ritual of sitting in a nice chair, listening to the kettle boil, steeping the leaves, and watching the milk swirl relaxes me enormously (not to mention the actual drinking of the tea).

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Well I’m not a morning person, but I am a rower. This makes no sense, I know, but there you go. On a rowing morning, the best part of waking up at 4:45 am is getting out on the water for a good hard / fun training session.

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A leisurely session with the New York Times, concluding with the crossword puzzle. At least until Friday, when I give up…until Sunday, which most people don’t realize is usually easier than Friday and Saturday’s puzzle.

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Hmmm. I’m with needleinthehayy on this one. Peeing is the first step to any day. Then moping around waiting for coffee to brew. The beeping sound the coffee pot makes when it’s done is the best part for me… up and at ‘em!

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My morning kiss that either I give to my sleeping wife or she gives to me. That starts my day better than any coffee, sunlight, or bird singing outside the window. That warms my soul and makes me feel alive. It gives me the fuzzies.

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@stevenb: That’s so sweet!

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I was thinking about this today; I woke up at 5:00 and came to work early (don’t ask), and the color of the sky while I was driving reminded me suddenly of fishing with my dad, long ago. Like a visual madeleine, all the good memories came flooding back.
The smell of coffee and the ocean, and bacon and egg sandwiches (and bait anchovies). Trying to unhook a stingray without getting whacked. My dad getting bitten by a halibut, and saying “Let that be a lesson to you!” and laughing. The seagulls stealing our bait.
Anyway, though I wouldn’t claim to be a morning person, there is still something wonderful about that sky.
think I’ve rambled enough

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@Knotmyday Wow – that was poetic. Brought a tear to my eye too. Darn you! ha ha

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” Folgers in you cup”

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waking up.

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