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Would you rather wear a uniform or have to put together an outfit every day?

Asked by nina (895points) August 6th, 2008

Some days I feel that a burka would be the preferred choice and would definitely settle for a uniform, but I know that if I had that kind of limitation of choice, I would go crazy in a week.

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I don’t bother putting outfits together anyway… I can wear anything I want to work and most days I end up in sweats or terry pants and a t-shirt.

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I wen’t to private school from third grade to graduating in high school.
My high school however we had a “jeans” day every friday, but before that we’d have like 3 a year.

Anyways, I prefer uniforms, not because of conformity or anything like that, but in the sense that it takes absolutely NO time to pick what you want to wear, that saves you so much time so you can wake up later :)

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I won’t work somewhere I have to wear a uniform, it makes me feel like less or an individual who’s opinions want to be heard, and more like paid labor.
@poofandmook, work at home?

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@Breefield: No, I wish. I work in a call/dispatch center for a major lab testing corporation. We never see clients in our office so my boss doesn’t care what we wear. I’m wearing slippers as we speak (I keep them under my desk)

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I wear an uniform daily to work. It is easier not having to agonize over what to wear, but there are some drawbacks. We have rules concerning “uniformity” (conforming). Such as, no earrings, one basic watch, one ring per hand, and clear nail polish only. I often feel like a clone.

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Well, sitting here with freedom of choice, I can easily say I’d go for a uniform. With two little ones and domestic duties surrounding me (what am I doing here, I have floors to vaccuum…lol), a standard uniform would make things easy and be one less thing to concern myself with but I say that only because I do have freedom of choice. If I really had to wear a uniform, I would be the first one revolting against it.

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I would much rather put together an outfit every day. Because I’m really lazy with laundry. With no uniform, I can always find something work appropriate to wear, but with a uniform I’d get into sticky situations with not enough clean shirts or skirts or whatever all the time. This way, I might wear something that borders on too casual, but it only borders. With a uniform I’d definitely have “wrong” days where just nothing was clean.

So if I did my laundry in a more timely manner, I might not mind either way. But I don’t, so no uniforms for me!

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Since when is picking out an outfit a mind boggling experience? I go to a public school that doesn’t require a uniform but has a dress code (fingertip length shorts, no hats, etc.). I just pick out what I’m going to wear the night before and then quickly grab the clothes in the morning right before I take a shower. Maybe its a girl thing because you gals need to accesorize and what not. I have two older sisters and try take over an hour to get ready, while I rush in the morning to be at my bustop by 6:40.

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I don’t like the idea of uniforms at a school. If you work somewhere where a uniform is necessary like UPS or the police dept., then uniforms are okay. I think that children need to express themselves by wearing whatever they want to school.

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Where I work, we can make our own outfits. In ways I really enjoy looking different, and what someone told me, “you spend money to make money” I look really good when I’m at work because I buy really nice clothes and match ties really well with shirts and so on, and it draws attention to yourself, (in sales that can’t be a bad thing).

Somedays I do wish I could just throw on a uniform everyday…the old tie and shirt routine does get a bit old sometimes.

All in all, I’d still go with putting together my own outfit though.

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i used to think that i would never EVER wear a uniform, just because it was too conforming and i HAVE to be different from everyone else. so when i got my first job
(mcdonalds) and had to wear one, i decided that it wasnt too bad and i could just add my own flair to it (ie purple hair, weird earrings, bracelets and necklaces). i also realized that uniforms help people of differtent “cliques” become friends. when you dont have their clothes to judge them by you are more willing to accept someone for who they are. working at a uniformed job as an 18 year old, i’ve made friends with people who i would never have given a second glance if we went to school together or if i saw them on the street. yes, this is a flaw of mine but it is also that of most humans.
so in conclusion (as if i’m writing a persuasive essay), as long as i get my un-naturual hair color and obnoxious jewelry, i’m okay with uniforms.

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Most days I wear a self-imposed uniform anyway—jeans and a t-shirt. There is absolutely no thinking involved.

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I have no dress-code where I work and consider that a big +! To me it makes it feel more personal, it’s my presentation of me – not some corporate entity in a generic suit. I think having to wear a uniform or suit would really stress me – unless it’s a really cool uniform that I could identify with, but what are the odds….?

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uniform (scrubs)

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Put on your own choice of clothes, it shows your individual sense of creativity and style. Uniforms cost big money but you can choose the clothes you buy in line with your budget.

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I worked as the salesgirl in a small bakery for a year once. I had a very cute uniform,
a becoming blue with a white apron and collar. I didn’t have to wash or iron or starch it, the laundry did it. It was great.

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i love the uniform – when i had to wear shirt and ties i had to plan things out in advance othrewise i’d have no idea what to wear the moring before i’d have to leave

BTW nice job mom with putting burka in your post – the AdBot decided that should be advertised on this page! gotta love computers!

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@drhat77 – hey, any ad is ony good for Fluther

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I like variety and expression.

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