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If your vehicle had an autonomous option would you use it?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19375points) November 26th, 2016

And if you would why, when and where would you use it?
I test drove the Honda Ridge line yesterday and it had this feature the sales man couldn’t stop raving about it.
We tried it and both Mrs Squeeky and I hated it, made us feel very uneasy.
I asked the sales man can I get one without it and he said they all come with it, so I didn’t buy the truck and scratched it off my list.
Would you like this option?

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It depends on “how autonomous” it is. Could I read a book? Can I lapse in attention? Then yes.

But if I had to still pay constant attention, yet not making constant decisions, I would not like it. I don’t even like cruise control.

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My mom recently got a Model X in September. I’ve used the level 2 autonomy in her car on the interstate (lane keeping + intelligent cruise control) and it’s really nice. When you’re in traffic that’s just flowing nicely for long periods of time and you don’t want to worry about speeding it’s pretty amazing. It reduces driving fatigue a ton, and allows your mind to focus on the cars around you more than constantly managing your speed and lane position.. The other situation where it’s really nice is in stop-and-go traffic where you’re creeping along at 10 mph. The scenario I wouldn’t feel very comfortable using it would be a fast-paced rush hour with vehicles traveling very fast and doing a lot of lane-changes around you.

The system (at least Tesla’s) isn’t designed to predict, only react. So for example, if there is a guy in a Camero racing up the merge lane in dense traffic, You can anticipate that he may cut someone off and that could cause an accident. But the autonomous system will just happily drive along until that accident happens, and then it will react to the obstruction. Or you may see someone swerving in their lanes and you look over and they’re texting while driving (or drinking, or getting a BJ). You might either speed up to get by them, or at least change lanes to keep physical separation from them. These autonomous vehicles don’t “think”/work that way.

So used intelligently, they make driving much safer. As far as full autonomy. When the stats prove that it’s safer than manual driving by a significant margin, then sure. I’d love to hop in and read a book while on the way to work every day.

Here’s what a prototype Model X is able to do now. It’s not perfect yet, but the results are pretty astonishing.

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I don’t like cruise control and I have it but never use it. I do like the back up camera and I do use that as a “double check” when I’m backing up, but don’t rely 100% on it. With an “autonomous” option, I’d probably use it as a double check. As long as I could override it, I’d be willing to try it out. I’m not closed minded. I’d be open to it. I don’t know if I’d pay extra for a car with it because I’m not sure if I’d like it. It would probably come as a package, the way the cruise control comes as part of the midrange Honda CRV that I have now.

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If all the cars on the road were using them and had proper space between each car and it was very controlled I would use it so I could nap getting from point A to point B. Lol. Short of that I’m wary of giving up control, because you need to be vigilant when driving anyway.

I don’t use cruise control much, because it can’t predict hills and turns. In FL we don’t have many hills and turns, but where there is a lot of traffic I’m still reluctant, because crowded highways we also need to slow and accelerate constantly.

My husband uses cruise control quite a bit, and I hate it, because he doesn’t like to interrupt it, so he often gets too close to cars. By contrast, when he drives with his actual foot he doesn’t do that, he lifts if he is getting close to a car.

I think it would be great if all cars ditched old fashioned cruise control and incorporated automatically slowing down when close to a car.

Where I live now some people use their cruise control because it’s hard to keep such a constant slow speed. Many roads are 35 mph with plenty of cops giving out tickets. we also sometimes share the road with golf carts, so a car that can detect golf carts and motor cycles could help avoid some very deadly accidents.

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We already do, it’s called a chauffeur but will answer to the name Merridew.

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I personally won’t trust this sort of technology unless ALL vehicles are automated.

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I agree @MrGrimm888 one thing that I don’t know what if a dee or child ran out in front of it in this mode would the vehicle swerve or just jam on the brakes?

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