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Have you ever bought something and been totally disappointed?

Asked by poofandmook (17315points) August 6th, 2008

You see someone else, stranger or otherwise, with thing. You think, “damn, thing looks pretty good. I think I’m going to go buy thing.” First chance you get, you obtain thing and then you get it home and it SUCKS. I hate that. And I just did it this morning and I’m sort of miffed. Anyone? lol

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Yep, once I tried to get cheaper clothing, after the first visit to the dry cleaner, everything got ruined, I took me less than 24 hours to get back to the designer stuff, pricey, but can’t get anything better…

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I’ve done that, I think to some extent everyone has.

I’ve done it with games a lot. Especially computer games. Most recently, I’ve kind of done it with the iPhone. I love the phone in general – or at least, all the parts that aren’t the actual phone. But every time I use the phone part my call fails and I just get so frustrated. That’s what I get for falling for the hype.

(Strangely, if you ask me if I like it, I still answer that I adore it, because I do. Just not as a phone necessarily.)

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My husband and I both agree about the iPhone. We each got one when they first came out. We love everything But the phone. The phone part stinks. We can not hear it ring very well. We can’t hear on it very well. My husband has to go outside of his office to be able to get good reception. We keep them because of all of the other stuff , which we love.

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@flameboi: I know what you mean, except for me, it was pricey clothing. I bought this beautiful pea coat from J Crew a few years ago. It had a perfect design (and it actually still is the coat I hold as a standard for all coats I buy now). However, the sewing on the buttons came un-done almost immediately, and despite constantly sewing them back on myself and having them done professionally, kept coming off. There was just too much wear on the buttons. But the worst part was that about two months into wearing the coat, the inside lining began shredding. I took it back to a J Crew where they replaced the lining for free (thank God), and then that lining tore. It was such a bittersweet relationship I had with that coat.

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I have off and on buyers remorse for my tattoo. Sometimes I want to slap my forehead and ask, “What was I thinking?”

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omg yes. I had a big gas-powered lawnmower for years. It broke irrevocably after many years of mowing over a field with rocks in it. I thought, Now I can do the right thing!
I spent $400 (I really did) on a big electric lawnmower. You plug it in and then it works off a battery. I thought I was such a good person!!! Does it work? No. It doesn’t cut the god damned grass. It doesn’t cut it. It’s a complete loss. What a scam.

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Whenever I go clothes shopping with a friend, she will say,“Oh, that looks fabulous, darling.” So, against my better judgment, I purchase “it,” and then try it on at home and groan.

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Yea when I liked Windows OS better.

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That’s the best part, when you buy something that is supposed to be very good (and pricey) you can always come back for a good repair, sometimes takes time (3 weeks for a set of buttons in a Dior suit) Is a love hate relationship every time, but then the other day, I was looking in my dad’s old stuff and found this late 70’s amazing & in mint condition Dunhill jacket & belt and thought “maybe one of my kids will find some of my clothing pretty cool after twentysomething years :)

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I bought the jawbone bluetooth thing with my $100 Apple store credit given to all the suckers who bought the iPhone when it was $600. It sucks ihad never been so disappointed. I’d never owned a Bluetooth before so I was very excited and I was torn between the Jawbone and the Apple Bluetooth for the iPhone. Big mistake picking the Jawbone. First of all, it was HUGE! It did not look that gigantic in pictures. I guess I should have considered my small ears because none of the 4 ear pieces that came with it fit comfortably. It was hard to press to answer calls and I didn’t experience the wonderful sound quality it promised. I’m mad at myself though because I never returned it. I bought it in December and Christmas came and went and I got so busy I just tossed it in my glove compartment. One day two months later I found it and figured it was too late to return it so I tossed it back in and there it sits. What a useless piece of plastic.

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Disappointed, how about furious? Couple of years ago I bought of those “As Seen on TV” hover copters. Well, the damn thing is pathetic- the battery lasts for no more than 5 minutes and it barely got abover my one story house, unlike on the TV when it looked like the thing could leap over Redwood trees. Well, I learned my lesson to never buy anything from a infomerical and let this tragedy be a example to all the innocent and vulnerable kids out there that fall for cheap TV scams. Grrrrrrrrr

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only one thing to say

“dude you’re getting a dell

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@nayeight I agree with you on the Jawbone. I bought the first model shortly after it came out and it worked ok. The “Noise Filter” feature didn’t work well at all or as advertised..I live in Chicago and it can get pretty windy here, and when I used the Jawbone with the Noise Cancellation feature, people on the other end still couldn’t hear me. Big Let down, for a product that seemed so promising…They based the background noise cancellation on military technology..Not sure what military they got it from…


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What about just little things though? There is this coffee shop near where I work, and they have the worst flavored syrups. But I always seem to forget this when I order fancy sounding lattes, such as the Creme Brulee latte. Sounds delicious, right? Ugh, it tasted like… I don’t even know what it tasted like. Maybe sugary plastic? It was horrible, couldn’t finish it, and I didn’t get to enjoy a cup of coffee that day.

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@waterskier2007— wasn’t that “dude” arrested years ago for drug pocesion? A drugie is the last person I want to get my PC advice from.

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@Les: Mine is a little thing… Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies. UGH.

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@indy yes i believe he was. in fact the page i got that pic from was a news article about said incident

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Not so much paid for, but ever since I’ve updated my iPhone I’ve run into nothing but problems. I paid for the phone itself, which is amazing, but I expected much more from Apple.

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@waterskier- funny how a little bit of TV money and pressure from Corp. bosses can lead one into addiction. Maybe he just blew a fuse after been saying “dude, your getting a Dell.” one too many times. I wonder where he’s at right now. =)

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Godiva Choclates. Spent 25 bucks for a box and it didn’t taste so good and half of it was dark chocolate which i dislike

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I have two Spirit Airlines tickets to Costa Rica, and I’m pretty nervous given comments you see online about them changing and canceling flights seemingly on a whim and with difficult recourse for a refund or rebook.

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Oh yeah. Usually it’s something I wouldn’t readily buy in the first place, but “it’s on sale, and it’s such a good deal”, my inner voice cries, and I am gone. At home, that great (insert: pair of shoes, tool, sexy lingerie) sits in a bag, waiting for just the right occasion to be used.

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Anyone else remember the mini disc players ? I do. I thought it was going to be the coolest thing ever…. and well it fell very very far short of that.

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