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How does one find out if they are lazy or stupid?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) November 26th, 2016

Or other? Not me specifically. General serious answers only. How does one overcome laziness?

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One finds out one is lazy when things stop working in one’s life, but problems could have been avoided if one had done the small but necessary things.

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IQ test will show that you are not stupid.

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Well, the serious answer is that if one “can’t” find out, then one is stupid. If one doesn’t even bother to try to figure that out, then one is lazy.

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The distinction between the two is not that clear cut. It is true that people differ in the talent they were born with, but according to the 10,000 hour rule popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, that is the amount of time required to become proficient in a particular discipline.

I also think that laziness is too pejorative a term. The current word being popularized is grit. So how do you become more gritty? That is not so easy to answer. Like everything else, it is a combination of nature and nurture. A person born into poverty has to overcome more than someone born into the middle class. In your case, you are dependent on the government for your income and it may be quite difficult to overcome that dependency.

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If you are living on government benefits try not living on government benefits for a while. You will not be any more intelligent but you will be a lot less lazy.

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By being self aware and noticing that others are way smarter and more hardworking than you.

How to overcome lazyness? By working your ass off.

You can’t become smarter than you already are, though.

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Could fear or anxiety be a factor? You told us that you have an anxiety attack when you leave your apartment to go to the corner grocery. I can see how this could be a major impediment to achieving your goals.

Instead of coming up with excuses for not doing anything (a subject of several of your posts),DO SOMETHING! Make a list of things you would like to accomplish. They can be about anything – socializing, getting a job, education, etc. Choose one. Start with something you think is relatively easy. Make an outline of what you would need to do to attain it and determine if it is feasible, doing a little research if necessary. If it is not doable, cross it off the list and choose another goal. When you find one that is doable, start working on it.

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People are sensitive to wasting non renewable resources like energy, water, etc
But there is only one truly non renewable resource and that is time. As long as there is a physical universe there will be resources, but every moment that passes is gone forever.

In my opinion, anyone who habitually squanders their limited time is not only lazy, and stupid but immoral.

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