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If you didn't have to work but had plenty of money, what would you do with your free time?

Asked by jca (36054points) November 28th, 2016

Let’s supposed you had enough income so your housing, food, transportation, clothing was all paid for and you had money to spare (enough to travel, go out to eat, whatever). What would you do with your 24/7 life?

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Travel, tinker and pursue more education.

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Same stuff I do now, just with less stress and maybe in different quantities.

• Spend time with family
• Travel
• Make Art
• Teach

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Ahhh what a thought….I guess I’d have the energy to do what I keep putting off: travel and take classes.

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Just chill..enjoy nature and go on world tour if I have sufficient money and of course help those who’re in need.

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I’d also do more of the same; spend more time with my kids, go out walking more, read more, clean more (maybe I’d have a cleaner though!), see friends more, cook more, and spend more time in France of course.

I’m content that I can do things I like, but more time to spend on them would be good.

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Salon, spa, beauty centre, salon again, shopping, and more shopping. I’ll do my hair, my nails, full skin treatment, full body treatment, spa, sauna, luxurious message, etc then I’ll buy the latest branded clothes, perfemus, accessories, shoes, etc, etc. I’ll also go to foreign country to do the same things. All of these activities might sound like materialistic and lavish lifestyle to you but I’ll tell you that the purpose of money is to be used and you can’t put a price to happiness.

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Volunteer to teach at a public school.
Or would the teacher’s union object to that?

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Travel, engage in more creative projects like designing and building and decorating.
Have a housekeeper and get massages twice a week. haha
I used to be able to do most of these things before I was was financially destroyed in the recession. At least I have the memories. haha

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Eat out a lot more. Go to the movies a lot. Go to shows a lot (concerts, theater etc).
Visit my family more (cuz I could afford to live closer to some of them and also have the money to get to the ones that live further away).

Travel (mostly by car and train, I’m not that big on air travel, though I would go over the pond for some trips). Pamper myself with massages, getting my hair done and shopping for fun clothes. I’d still spend plenty of time on the internet, but I’d get me an awesome computer set up so I could do some of the things I can’t do so well right now.

Buy a home that would have the right kind of a/c and heat where i’d be comfortable all the time and thusly more likely to do things around the house. Same with furniture. What we have now is really hard on the body. Get a really nice jacuzzi tub and spend time in there.
Put a separate exercise room in there and buy some nice equipment…and maybe actually use it.

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I’d Zumba 4 times a week.

Start a club where I live.

Travel several weeks a year.

Do the laundry and cook.

Fluther, facebook.

Spend more time having fun with my husband.

If I’m very wealthy I would buy a large piece of land. Maybe 50+ acres. Build some cottages on it and a race track.

Where I live I’m surrounded by almost 100,000 people who have enough money to live and not work, or just work a few hours a week. Some people still work full time, but not many.

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Spend more of my time developing computer games than I currently do, and travel.

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Travel, volunteer in my community, write a novel.

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I’d get bored out of my ass.

In the beginning, I’d probably spend my money on random fancy shit, like clothes, travels, buying books, visiting all the famous places, etc. but after a while, I’d get bored of it. I get bored very quickly. At the end, I’ll just sit around, doing nothing, having no idea what to do with money nor myself anymore, and once again, feel myself turning into a brainless animal that only eats, shits and sleeps.

I need some responsibility and something to do in life, or else I get bored to the point my brain numbs down.

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Drive around the country visiting every strip club along the way.

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Same thing I do now, spend too much frikken time on the internet, feel guilty because I am not being productive, drink to squelch my guilt. Go to bed, repeat.

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I forgot to say that I would get a dog. And call it Banjo

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