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Do you do an activity while on the john?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) August 6th, 2008 from iPhone

you you text on your phone, surf the web, read a book, play with your DS/PSP?

What do you do, if anything while on the toilet?

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cause I must be honest. I totally wrote this question while on the john. So my answer surf the web.

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If I’m at work, sometimes I play Tetris on my phone (used to be slingo but it’s not supported on my new cell. bastards)... if I’m home and it’s going to be a while, I’ll bring a book. Otherwise, I pet my cats, who are invariably being annoying while I’m doing by business lol

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crossword puzzles or my hand held electronic draw poker game

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I do find myself surfing around the web. Yes, that does include Fluther (Sorry about that).
If I’m not doing that I’m trying to figure out that days crossword on my iphone crossword app type thing.

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At work I play bowling on my phone. At home I read a magazine or the newspaper.

I didn’t realize before now that I bowl on the bowl. :-)

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I’m on the toilet right now as well…what a pathetic life I lead.

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No, I am never on the toilet long enough to need an activity. It literally takes me 10 seconds to poop.

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Just, please wash your hands before you post a message

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Whatever I feel like. lol I’ll either read, play some games on muh’ micro, txt, or just listen to muh’ Zune. Just whatever suits my fancy. =)

At work I usually txt though.

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I get in and out, no effing around.

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@poof My cats too!! My cats always follow me into the bathroom. One even likes to watch me shower.

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@tinyfaery: Every time I shower, my cat sits on the bathtub ledge between the two shower curtains.

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Mine get upset when I shower because they’ve both become such spoiled brats that they won’t drink out of a bowl anymore… I have to leave the shower dripping for them to drink. so I’m bathing in their water dish :P

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@poof Ever try one one of these? My cats love it.

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@tiny: I’ve seen them but I never had the extra cash lying around. I just logged in 47 OT hours this check, so I’ll be running out to find one! I hate having to scrub the shower floor every time I’m done using it just so it’s clean for the cats to drink! Boo. LOL

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Read…anything and everything. My bathroom is overrun with books, newspapers and magazines. In a bathroom with no reading material, I’ve been known to read shampoo bottles!

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@augustlan: I do that too! The worst is when the only things in reach are the tampon or condom instructions! UGH. LOL

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@p&m…yep, I’m thoroughly well versed on those instructions!

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I do toilet paper origami.

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send me pics? I wanna learn oragami… I could use paper towles while waiting for my turn in the bathroom at work.

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Buster haha.

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