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Can we , in the future, use neutrinos to go through the planet for communications?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17697points) November 29th, 2016

Without using technology in outer space? Neutrinos can go through solid objects.

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If they go through solid objects, how do you control or use them ? ? ?

You can’t put them in a bottle to be released later.

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Even if something like that were possible what would be the point? Sounds like a lot of effort and expense for no gain.

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@Tropical_Willie They have a lab in Canada trying to detect and harness neutrinos. @Darth_Algar In case the space junk ruins the satellite potential. Also to avoid space wars.

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Well most communications are still conducted via hard line (telephone lines, etc) or terrestrial broadcast towers. So it’s probably never going to be an issue. And I can’t imagine there ever being enough junk floating in orbit to render satellites less economical and effective than trying to beam information through several thousand miles of rock and molten iron.

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Wouldn’t you have to learn to write really small?

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It would seem hopelessly impractical and unrealistic as neutrinos are ghost particles that are almost impossible to detect. However as far as the future is concerned who knows.

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It doesn’t sound like there’s much of an advantage as far as communication goes. It’s an interesting thought to wonder if they could pass these through the Earth and use the output to map the interior of the planet’s layers, like they do when studying earthquake waves in the crust. Maybe that’s not possible.

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I thought at first that nearly undetectable particles could not be used for anything, but I did a Web search and found this article telling how researchers are trying to use them for communication. An initial application might be to communicate with nuclear submarines. I like @gorillapaws’ idea of using them for detecting earthquakes.

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