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How do you define racism? Can a BuzzFeed community post be racist?

Asked by kgcam (2points) November 30th, 2016

Months ago, I posted my first article to BuzzFeed. Since then, I’ve been labelled a racist. My questions: Can a BuzzFeed community article be racist, even if that isn’t the intent? Do you believe my article is racist? Should I give in to those who’ve asked for my post to be amended or deleted?

(I’ve asked the same question on Quora, but I’m seeking a wide cross section of answers).

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Pretty sure the most racist thing on that post is the commenter who referred to black people as “Darkies”.

The rest of it is just typical stupid clickbait bullshit. I really, really, REALLY don’t care which men you’re attracted to. At all.

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I looked at your posting and I didn’t see anything overtly racist, but it doesn’t matter what I think.

Writing (and acting, and a lot of art) is largely based on perception – what do OTHERS think of what you wrote. Whether you meant it to be racist or not, it’s how it was perceived.

All of that said, one complaint is not worth taking seriously.

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Seems pretty tame to me.

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Everybody, of any and all colors, in one way or another, is racist. It is not a ‘whites only’ thing.

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You farming for clicks here? I’m reporting this as spam. You’re abusing our group.

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Oh, boy. A racist spammer? The only thing worse would be to spell and punctuate the article properly and cite all of your sources, and that would mark you as – worst of all! – an “elitist”.

I take it back, that’s not the worst of all. Worse still would be to write “for free”, because “you don’t need the money”: an elitist one-percenter.

Even if you are or can be confused with any of those things, which I could and frequently do overlook, I’m not clicking on a shortcut / masked URL from someone that I don’t know yet. Good luck widdat.

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No, he isn’t racist. He is wrapping up his post in some sort of baitclick bullshit ‘red flag’ word so that we will click. It’s phoney. He isn’t racist, but he is, perhaps, an attention seeker in the worst way.

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^The OP appears to be female. She may be farming for clicks, but she may also be genuinely puzzled at the overwhelmingly negative and vehement response she has received for a mere puff piece. I don’t know enough about Buzzfeed or Trinidad & Tobago to say what is going on here.

OP, I wouldn’t call it racist, but maybe it was racially insensitive. Writing 101: consider your audience.

The definitional question is more interesting and is why I took a look at this question, but nobody is answering it. Unfortunately, OP, you seem to have compromised your ethos in the eyes of this audience, so I don’t think the serious question you have raised will get the attention it deserves on this thread.

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