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What is your favorite kind of potato chip and brand?

Asked by marinelife (62470points) November 30th, 2016

Do you like ripples? Kettle chips? Thin? Thick? My very favorite is BBQ. My favorite brand is made in Pennsylvania (but luckily I can get it here in Maryland). It is called Utz.

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My favorite is Lays BBQ.

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I’ve always been a fan of Wise Originals. Other brands I can take or leave but those are irresistible to me, particularly the slightly burnt ones.

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Doritos Sweet Chili, or Spicy Nacho…

I tried some bad as Lays Wasabi flavor the other day.

Almost any chip that’s Honey Mustard.

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Utz is fantastic. Definitely a favourite when I’m in the US. My favourites are their Dark Russet. I really wish we could get those in Toronto.

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All dressed.

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I usually don’t buy them and I try not to eat them but now I want some potato chips. Thank you, @marinelife! :)

I like any kind, regular or barbecue. I guess my favorite are the kind with ripples.

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To our U.K. friends, @marinelife is asking about crisps, not chips.

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Never had any interest to eat any kind of chip…..
Now if you turn them into nachos that’s a different trip!
But yes…I could eat just one easily.

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Dirty chips both jalapeƱo and also salt and vinegar.

Zapp’s cracked pepper and sea salt.

Regular ol’ Ruffles.

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I like Red Rock Deli chips – their Sea Salt ones are my favourites.

@marinelife! What are you doing? Now I want chips. And I have to ask – is there a bad chip? Some are better – but unless it’s stale, I’ve never met a potato chip I didn’t like.

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I don’t eat them. They are an expense and I see no sense in idly munching on carbs throughout the day when I get higher quality food from my garden. Why should I pay exorbitant prices to eat cheap carbs that I won’t burn off and will just turn to fat and slow me down? And I’ll just pay more on the other end in medical costs. Chips and those sorts of unnecessary “snacks” are fucking ridiculous.

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Original Pringles.

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Salt and vinegar. I eat them so seldom. BBE eats them and tonns of sugar. Drives me nuts.

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@Love_my_doggie Patronising & wholly unnecessary, we kind of know already

I don’t eat crisps often but when I do I love McCoy’s Beef BBQ, delicious.

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Yaaasss BBQ chips. I like the Lays BBQ too. My coworker just yesterday though was saying he had a brand of BBQ chips (Snyder? I think he said) which was so good that it’s ruined him for all other brands. I don’t even want to try it if it’s going to ruin Lays for me. We have Lays BBQ chips at work <3

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@chyna @Mariah We can eat chips together anytime!

@Espiritus_Corvus You are right, of course. It was because I was not eating chips that I was craving that I came up with this question. You have to admit they are delicious, empty carbs or no.

Thank you all for participating. Sorry it made some of you crave chips.

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Salt and vinegar. No other flavor comes close. With salt and vinegar nearly any brand will suffice, but I usually buy Pringles brand.

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sadface I can’t get Pringles salt and vinegar.

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Yeah. Have to give Pringles props.

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Pringles are not real potato chips. There – I said it and I’m glad!

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^^That’s what my mom would say.

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What?! Pringles are fake?

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The Pringle guy must have suffered badly from acne as a teen, once you pop, you can’t stop

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Pringles are extruded potato mush.

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Cape Cod. I went to the factory.

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What you talkin bout Louis?

Pringles are fake?

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Pringles are made of a mixture of water, potato and corn powder. This shows how Pringles are made.

This shows how they make potato chips.

One is made of potato the other is made of potato flakes.

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I rarely buy potato chips, but I love Kettle brand salt and vinegar chips. They make your mouth sting, but they are good.

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So it’s semantic? Potato chips, crisps. Corn chips. I thought it was just a generic “chip” question.

If so, then Pringles has it’s place in this thread.

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@janbb @marinelife @Earthbound_Misfit

And what of it? Whether they’re slices of whole potato, or mush or flakes or whatever, what does it matter if one finds the end product enjoyable?

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@Darth_Algar Oh stop being a sour pus for once.

A) I don’t like them
B) I do consider them faux food
C) It was a joke in a very light themed thread

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@MrGrimm888 Be careful… I tried to narrow and define the question’s parameters, and I got rudely scolded.

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^People are apparently passionate about their chip definitions.

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I’m not hating on Pringles, I like them, but they’re not chips. They’re a savoury snack product akin to Twisties or Potato Puffs or whatever.

I am hating on auto-correct that changed Pringles to Peoples and Twisties to Twitter.

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We’re haggling over a common term applied pretty much across the board to a class of broadly similar products, but I’m the sour puss for questioning such pedantry? Alrighty….

Perhaps the thread starter should change the title of the thread to “what is your favorite flavor of crispy potato-based snack food product”.

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^^^ Hey, I got called “patronizing.” I think that beats “sourpuss.” I win!

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I really have to answer this in both an historic and a “past life” sense. Earlier this year, I moved to a “New Atkins”-based lifestyle, so salty and high-glycemic snacks, like potato chips…not part of my life.

That said—-

When I was a kid, there was a small potato chip manufacturing plant in the town where I grew up…Staubles…My father and I would oft-times go there on a Saturday and buy several LARGE bags of Staubles, just as they were fresh off the production line. There has never been a brand of potato chip that has ever come close to the taste of freshly made Staubles.

The closest was Charles Chips…not the current kind…the ones…from back in the day.

Hamilton, Ohio, if you must know…and no, you may NOT know how long ago…Age is a number and mine is unlisted…

Happy munching..

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