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The term cervical cancer is about the cervix, but cervical muscles is about the neck/spine?

Asked by flo (13313points) November 30th, 2016

The term cervical cancer is about the cervix but cervical muscles is about the neck/spine “the fifth cervical vertebra’” Can there not be cervical injury about the cervix?
“Cervical muscles that are commonly…”
If it’s about the cervix the adjective is cervical, what it the noun if it’s about the neck? I mean what word did they add the suffix al to?

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Cervix is Latin for neck
Places where it gets narrow is called the neck-
Narrow part of uterus is the neck
Cervix means neck
Cervical means pertaining to the neck

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So, a person has problem with the cervical (cervix) muscle:
and another person has cancer in the cervix (neck)

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