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PupnTaco's avatar

Unlimited funds.

EmpressPixie's avatar

My pocket knife. Every time I go somewhere without it, I always regret it.

(Also a loaded water gun, but that’s something different entirely.)

peedub's avatar

Unlimited amounts of BACON.

St.George's avatar

Gum. I’m an obsessive gum chewer, and as a teacher it’s always nice to not have offensive coffee breath when talking with students.

girlofscience's avatar

A little bag of cocaine… now who’s the girl wearing my dress?

robmandu's avatar

Something so you’ll know I’m glad to see ya.

robhaya's avatar

AMEX Centurion Card aka, the Black Card

jrpowell's avatar

A camera. I never have it when I need it.

flameboi's avatar

An AmEx Centurion card! withouot the monthly balance

jamzzy's avatar

that guy from pinochio

La_chica_gomela's avatar

jiminy cricket?

tinyfaery's avatar

A tie for my hair.

Les's avatar

My Leatherman and chapstick.

tinyfaery's avatar

@les What is a leatherman?

trudacia's avatar

An airplane ticket and/or cruise ship ticket along with a hotel confirmation.

Les's avatar

@tinyfaery: Only the greatest tool ever:

AstroChuck's avatar

My iPhone, a little cash, and a small container of Vick’s Vap-O-Rub. Then I’m a happy guy.

glowfull's avatar

a jelly bean,
a cycle of flavors distributed one at a time that would reappear when one was taken.

that would be nice.

poofandmook's avatar

The World! preferably also on a string.

jrpowell's avatar

I like the way glowfull thinks.

aisyna's avatar

MY lucky pen i let my teacher Borrow and he never gave it back :(

stratman37's avatar

Congress, big oil companies, and Steve Jobs!

BirdlegLeft's avatar

A wad of cash in excessively large denominations.

buster's avatar

Green things like a big wad ofu.s. money, weed, and that frog right above me here, birdlegs Kermit.“Is that a muppet in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

augustlan's avatar

Just enough of whatever I need. Enough money to give some away would be nice, too.

loser's avatar

A ton of money!

Never seems to happen, though. Sigh…

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Well, i would like my pocket to be like a Room of Requirement. I should be able to reach in there, think of what I want, and just find it in there.

for those who do not get the reference to room of requirement, shame on you! go read harry potter book series right now.

tinyfaery's avatar

@PnL Before Harry Potter there was Mary Poppins’ bag.

Bri_L's avatar

I agree with PnL

ninjaxmarc's avatar

money and not lint.

gooch's avatar

An udestructable fresh flower. Could you image the make ups, I’m sorrys, intros that I could pull off.

La_chica_gomela's avatar

you mean “indestructible”?

drhat77's avatar

@gooch – you mean like Tuxedo Mask?

Knotmyday's avatar

An Everlasting Gobstopper.

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