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How to put drm audiobooks in an iPod?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 22nd, 2007

I just got a paid membership from NetLibrary to download audiobooks. I just realized that the audiobooks are drm-protected and works on "windows plays for sure" devices. It works fine on my computer but iTubes doesnt let me sync the books. The audiobooks are in wmv format. ANy way to convert it? Legal/illegal- doesnt matter

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Apple QuickTime pro

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I think your books are in WMA format, not WMV.

Many public libraries (e.g. Seattle) pay for their own memberships to NetLibrary. You can usually download those audiobooks from your local library for free. If that's true for your local library, you shouldn't have to pay for the NetLibrary membership yourself. But that wouldn't get you past the DRM.

I haven't used any of the programs that will convert your music. The ones I'm aware of seem to work by playing the files while simultaneously encoding them as new, unprotected mp3 files. They all seem fairly sketchy. They all seem to be Windows-only apps.

Total Recorder:
The super-sketchy-looking SoundTaxi is another option.

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