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Is Fluther becoming the redheaded stepchild to Jelly?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) December 1st, 2016

It seems more and more of Fluther is being replaced by items promoting Jelly as if Fluther is being reduced to a stepping stone for Jelly. Those of you who frequent Jelly do you see items and such promoting Jelly users to join Fluther? It may be just me, but it seems Fluther is taking a backseat to Jelly like some redheaded stepchild. Have you noticed this or not?

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There has been a lot of promotion for Jelly lately. Can’t blame anyone for that though, Jelly isn’t that well-known and it could use some promotion. But lots of ads doesn’t mean this site is going down in popularity. I asked about that matter some time ago and not that many people want to leave Fluther for Jelly. Promotion only brings your attention to the product, not forcing you to use the product.

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My inference, from reading similar threads, is that Fluther was long ago passed down from it’s original creators. Jelly is a recent venture of the creators. They’re just essentially targeting former, and current Fluther users. Personally, I’m fine with the advertising. It makes sense to make your original ‘customers ’ aware of something new.

Alas, we will all die some day. Change is inevitable. Fluther should be no different.

Most other posts about this subject were reassuring. They indicated that there is no plan to try and drain the Fluther pond.

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I can’t believe you are using ‘redheaded stepchild’ as a pejorative. Not Christian behaviour at all.

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Jelly is what is making Ben money right now, so it is his focus, but he has no plans to shut down Fluther.

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I have no issue with identifying as or with the redheaded stepchild.

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As it stands Fluther has been on the back burner for years now. This really makes no difference, and is in fact one of the biggest things to happen to us in forever. That, along with our Fluther store and the mods being able to fix up some bugs here and there.

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It doesn’t surprise me that we are being whipped to bolster the ranks at Jelly. It’s only logical that anyone controlling both sites would vigorously seek recruits from the combat veterans here. I’ve made excursions (twice), but am no longer distracted since the banner isn’t glaring at me on the right.

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I don’t see any diminished activity here. Things are usually humdrum anyway. We’ve been complaining about our wasting away for years.

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