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What are home remedies for night time cough?

Asked by imrainmaker (8370points) December 2nd, 2016

As asked.

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is the cough illness related or just a dry, maybe allergy induced cough?
If it is a viral cough you can take an OTC cold and flu medication like Nyquil. If it is allergy related you can take an antihisitime, sleep with your head and shoulders elevated on several pillows and change your bedding frequently for allery related contamination like dust and dust mites. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and cough lozenges might help as well.

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Warm water + honey and a dash of lemon.

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I find drinking a cup of hot tea before bed really helps. Also, make sure you don’t have cold air blowing on you while you sleep (this one is hard for me, as I love to sleep with the windows open.) Elevating your head helps too, as @Coloma suggested.

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Thanks all for your suggestions..)

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A ginger and honey hot toddy always works for me and gives me a nice night’s sleep.

Mix together whiskey (I use dark rum), water, and lemon juice in a microwave safe bowl.
Microwave for 1 minute, or until is is piping hot.
Stir in the honey and drop in the ginger.
Voila—hot toddy.

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Lemon and ginger tea with honey.

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^ I was going to mention ginger and honey and lemon as well. A shot of brandy might help to, after all Nyquil is mostly alcohol. hah

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Assuming it’s from congestion you can go into your smallest bathroom, close the door, run the hot water and let the room steam up. I usually do this in the morning, and after a few minutes I turn down the shower temp and take my shower while the room is still steamy. No reason you can’t do this at night too. It helps loosen the phlegm and cough up the crap, which should help stop coughing in the end, but I wouldn’t do it immediately before bed time.

Things that soothe your throat will help with the tickle that can cause you to cough. Warm tea, and some of the other suggestions above.

If you move a lot in your sleep, or get up to owe in the middle of the night, your doomed to get coughing jags too if you have an illness that involves a cough. Sucks.

Try to sleep with your head up, lots of pillows in an almost sitting position if you can.

My recommendation is Robitussin DM for night time. It’s a drug, but if you don’t have any contraindications for taking it, it’s worth calming your cough for sleep and to give your muscles in your chest a test.

A dry cough is a different thing altogether

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This is my favorite for a sore throat.

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@imrainmaker Generously apply Vick’s Vapor rub to your feet and cover with socks. This will relieve your cough shortly and allow a good night’s sleep.

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I have an acupressure method for cough. It’s pretty easy to do, but rather complicated to explain. Regardless, I’ve used it for 20 years and it works well on everyone from infants to adults. . If you’re interested, pm me.

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