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Amazon Prime members: Have you ever purchased from Prime Pantry?

Asked by jca (36054points) December 3rd, 2016

I just got an email today that I have credit toward Prime Pantry. I’ve never purchased from Prime Pantry before, but getting the credit sucked me in.

I found their prices to be very close or cheaper to supermarket prices. I bought cookies to give as holiday gifts and I bought shampoo and conditioner. Selection was decent and the prices were good. Some items have a coupon that’s granted automatically at checkout.

I didn’t really follow the “box is percentage full” thing. I figured I’d buy what I wanted and if I was charged for shipping because my box wasn’t full, I’d just empty the whole box and forget it. I got the 5.99 credit that was originally offered and I got free shipping on top of it.

It’s not replacing any trip to the supermarket but it’s good to supplement or search for stuff.

For me, since I ship to my work address (because I’m there to receive it and don’t have to worry about it being left at any neighbor’s house), I don’t think it would benefit me to have big or heavy things sent from Prime Pantry. I’d have to carry them out of the work place and down to the car. However, for small stuff like cookies, teas and shampoo, it’s helpful to me.

Have you tried Prime Pantry yet?

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Prime Pantry charges flat rate for shipping for each box. You can put one thing in the box, or you can fill the whole box. Same shipping rate. The shipping cost is the same as the upgrade to One Day shipping on any normal Prime order.

They do often have deals that can get you free shipping, though – buy five of a certain selection of items, or whatever.

I haven’t tried Pantry myself yet (building up my credits). I have Prime Now in my area, and that is super cool. You can get stuff within an hour if you really need it. Great for if you are in the middle of cooking for a dinner party and realise you’ve forgotten the chicken broth or whatever, and can’t leave the rising bread dough alone for that long. There’s a $25 minimum, but it’s easy to find $25 worth of stuff you need around the house anyway.

Source: I work for Glamazon customer service right now. And they make me say that anything I write here is my own opinion and not a reflection of blahblahblahblah…

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*edit, gave info for Prime Now shipping, fixed now.

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@Seek: Yes, I was thinking of you when I was writing the question!

I got 5.99 off for my credit and another 5.99 off to make the shipping free.

The shampoo prices were good. They had a bunch of different types of Walker’s shortbread cookies which were not only decently priced but they had a good variety of box sizes and cookie shapes.

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What is this “credit” thing?

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If you have Glamazon Prime Pantry in your area, and you’re a Prime member, you can order items to be shipped with “no rush” shipping, and in return you get $5 in credit toward a Prime Pantry purchase, or Glamazon Household services, or any of a couple of other things.

For all the corporate insanity that Glamazon is, if you play your cards right you can save assloads of money buying stuff on there – if you’re going to be buying things anyway, that is.

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ok, what is glamazon

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It’s that major internet retailer I’m not mentioning by name because they pay my rent and I’m Google-able.

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@ragingloli is being funny because I mentioned it several times in my post.

I do the “no rush shipping” all the time and get credits toward streaming movies and video. Whenever I’m not in a particular hurry to get something, I do the no rush.

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Sort of relevant and funny. and also, yes, they changed their rules about TV shipping and returns after this performance.

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I must say that when I first started ordering from Amazon about five years ago (first started really doing heavy shopping there), in the month of December, I’d do the 25 dollars worth of stuff to get free shipping (not two day) and it would often come within two or three days. I figured that was because they had so many people on staff helping out in December that they were picking and packing like mad. Once December 24 came, anything I ordered would take about a week or two (back to normal).

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So it is like these stamp cards that they give you at Kebab shops, which gives you a free Kebab once you collect 10 stamps?

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Nope. Just an online credit. There’s no physical store. And yes, I know you’re being facetious but I answer these stupid questions for ten hours a day anyway so I have no fucks to give.

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“Glamazon dot com, consider that promise kept.” haha!

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