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Is this habitat suitible for my turtle?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) August 6th, 2008

I received a water turtle from a friends ex and I was wondering if I did an ok job with the aquarium.

Turtle 1
Turtle 2
Turtle 3
Turtle 4

My main concern is whether the water is deep enough and if the rock is ok for him. He does have trouble getting onto the rock, but when I got him he didn’t have a rock at all. I read somewhere online that the water’s depth should be 1.5x his length, which it clearly isn’t, but he seems to be just as happy.

Am I doing an ok job here or do I need to change some things?

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Having owned some aquatic turtles, I can give you a few hints.

For one, I’d go out and get a 20–30 gallon tanks for him so he can swim comfortably and have plenty of room. I would also recommend investing in a good water filter, because the water can and will get gross really quick without one. Water changes have to happen eventually, but a good filter will keep that from having to happen every few days. The bigger tank also means you’ll probably need something bigger then that rock for him to bask and rest on. I wouldn’t advise getting real plants for his home, as they’ll probably end up getting eating or uprooted often.

Hope that was helpful.

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Ok well I have a filter in there, and he is in a 20 gallon tank. It’s ok if I let him out of the tank to run around right? I noticed the underside of his shell has been getting a little scratched up from his rock. Should I be concerned about this?

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Try rinsing out your bathtub (to remove any sort of soap residue), fill it with water and add some chlorine neutralizer. It’ll give him a chance to really exercise and enjoy himself. If you do let him just run around your place, keep a close, close eye on him. You’d be surprised how easy it it for a smaller animal like that to get hurt.

If your tank is a 20 gallon, just get something taller for him to rest on and give him some more water. This is what my nephew currently uses for his turtle, and it works just fine. This or something similar might work well too. There are several products that float or can be suction cupped to the side of a tank for a turtle to rest on. You could also get something like this and section off a portion of the tank for dry land and leave another for water. The last option might be kind of difficult though, considering the need to good swimming area. However, if you find a barrier with a good height, go for it.

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id reposition the light over the basking rock so its more direct lighting on it(more heat for him) Also give him some more water like MrMeltedCrayon said and try and get a bigger rock or something.

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The guy at Petsmart said the lamp has to be 18 inches away, or else it will fry him. If I put it right over the rock that is exactly what will happen.

And I will give him more water, but I have to find a bigger rock first or an alternative.

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@enzoX24 alright then, if he told you that, take his word on it. I dont know how bright your bulb is or anything. My sister has one of those turtles and she keeps the lamp right over him which is why i suggested it. She also has one of these in there so you can position it high as you want allowing you to raise the water level much easier. You could also take an old Tupperware container and put it in your tank and cover it with rocks so it looks natural but you dont need a ton of rocks. I dont know how much money you want to spend on this turtle, but this just looks awesome.

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