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The year is almost over. What is the funniest movie (released in 2016) that you watched this year?

Asked by ragingloli (48537points) December 6th, 2016

My pick is “Brothers Grimsby”.
I have not laughed that much in quite a while.
That Elephant scene, comedy gold.

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Well, Space Jam of course.

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Star Trek: Beyond
I say watched, leafed through would be more accurate.

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I’d rather see a bad Star Trek film than a good Star Wars one.

That is if such a Star Wars film existed.

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Keanu by Key and Peele

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Sausage Party was pretty funny, in a simple, obvious way.

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Haha, you trekkies are such special snowflakes :::looks at @SecondHandStoke with a cheeky grin:::

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I thought the newest “Star Trek” movie was boring, pointless tripe. I fell asleep several times because the sound level was so consistently high I was numb to the stimulus by about an hour in. And any filmmaker that does that amount of damage to my ship with that little respect to an actual plot purpose can go fuck themselves.

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“The people on that ship have a very small, very valuable thing I want. The thing I want is also on that ship. I have no way of knowing where exactly on that ship the thing I want is, but I know I’m going to blow the entire goddamn ship – which is the size of, oh, several skyscrapers laid end to end – to smithereens before I find it!”

Makes perfect sense.

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“Funniest” is strictly a subjective judgment, but for me “Trainwreck” was plenty funny enough.

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I gotta agree with @filmfann. Deadpool was the best action movie, funniest movie, best love story and best opening sequence in a movie. I don’t buy movies, generally. I bought Deadpool.

Oh, yeah, best Christmas movie… Remember, there are scenes which took place during Christmas.

Maybe best kids’ movie for learning how to count…

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@abcbill What am I, chopped liver?

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I enjoy Trek but I don’t think I’m such a fanatic as to qualify for “Trekkie.”

I mean, I didn’t name the dog “Quatloo.”

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^ I very nearly named my ginger cat “Spot”, but he came with a name that I rather liked.

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^ It’s considered bad luck to rechristen a seagoing vessel.

I feel the same about Pats, I mean pets.

(Patsy Stone).

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Worked for the Defiant.

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@SecondHandStoke I’m more pleased than I probably should be to hear read that.

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