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What does it mean if a guy friend keeps telling his friend that I like him (my friend’s friend) even though I have never spoken to his friend?

Asked by AStone2003 (6points) December 7th, 2016

So let’s call my friend Guy #1 and let’s call his friend Guy #2. I speak to Guy #1 pretty often but I have never spoken to Guy #2.

Basically, Guy #1 keeps telling Guy #2 that I like Guy #2, even though I’ve told Guy #1 that I don’t even really know Guy #2. Some people have said that Guy #1 likes me but Guy #1 has already mentioned that he hopes that I don’t like him because he’s in a relationship. I don’t know who he’s meant to be in a relationship with since he didn’t mention any other details, not even her name. I don’t even understand why Guy #1 even brought up about me liking him since we were talking about something completely different.

Well anyway, thanks for reading this question and hopefully taking the time to reply! :)

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I’m bad with numbers.

Let me see if I have this straight: Bill and Joe are friends. Bill is your friend, and Joe is not. Bill tells Joe you have feelings for Joe. You’ve told Bill to knock it the hell off because you don’t even know Joe and certainly don’t think that much of him (what with the not knowing him at all thing). Bill has also made a big deal of being in another relationship, and of “hoping” you don’t have romantic feelings for him.

If this is all correct…

Bill sounds like a bit of an idiot. Also he probably has a crush on you.

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I don’t know..may be he’s testing you.

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I think he wants his friend’s girl. Here’s why.

My friend went through a similar situation. She, let’s call her Lucy, has a classmate, let’s call her Shithead, and two other classmates, Mark and Bob.
Lucy had a crush on Bob, and as it turns out, so did Shithead. Thus, Shithead made up a rumour that Lucy had a crush on Mark, and how they are a total match for each other. This created a ruckus, because Bob and Mark are friends, and Bob had a crush on Lucy as well.
Shithead did all of this because she thought Mark and Lucy would end up together and she would have a “free pass” to Bob. It only created broken friendships and Lucy getting into a really uncomfortable situation.
I ain’t lying, this really did happen.

That is why I conclude that #1 wants #2’s girl, but needs to get the “free pass” somehow, so he “decided” that you should be with his friend.

All that aside, #1 is an asshole anyways, because what kind of a friend tries to hook you up with someone you don’t even know? What kind of a friend would tell you someone has a crush on you if you already have a partner and knowing it would only create problems?

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Life is complicated enough even without such nonsense.
I wouldn’t bother with either one.

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These are incredibly complicated dynamics. I suppose it all has to do with learning socialization. Wow. Luckily, I missed all of that in school.

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Welcome to Fluther.

“It means nothing, nothing at all.”
-Guy #3

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Bless, young uns would be better off displaying like monkeys to gain a female instead of all this shite. Show your arse lads, wave it in her general direction & beat down on any rivals…simples.

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^ or simply get a brain and dignity.

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Guy 1 sounds like an idiot. Remind us why you are friends with him?

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Oh, the teenage years. Such drama. Ask Guy #1 why he is doing this. Tell him to stop interfering in your love life.

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Why do you talk to Guy#1? if you have to talk to him for any reason, tell him to stop talking to other people about you/your business. If he doesn’t, he’s even less of a friend than he already seems.

Teen drama. I couldn’t deal with it as a teen, and really hate it now.

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I knew a guy who did stuff like this in high school, and the situation was basically what @Seek and @imrainmaker said: he had a crush on the girl he did this to, and he was testing the waters to see if she was interested in him back. It ended badly for all involved, so I suggest staying away.

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