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How do you feel about shirtless profile pictures?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12547points) August 6th, 2008

I was recently viewing an aquaintance’s facebook profile, and I noticed that a full one third of his pictures did not involve a shirt being on his body. I’ve seen girls’ profiles like the as well, where they’re wearing a bikini in every picture. How many shirtless pictures does it take before you would consider it excessive? What does it say about the topless person if anything?

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Abercrombie strikes again.

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I’ve never really had a problem with these. For a lot of people, their Facebook profile image is meant to sell themselves as sexy. There’s nothing wrong with that — lots of couples first meet on Facebook. Sometimes, removing the shirt from a shot can up the sexiness factor considerably. I don’t have an issue with it at all.

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I don’t like wearing a shirt in the first place. I was pretty chunky when I was younger but I’ve worked down to a pretty slim profile. (I went from 170 to 120) Now I wanna show off my accomplishment whenever I can. Soooo, I have some shirtless pics on facebook.

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lol. maybe you’re my acquaintance, and i just don’t know it ;-)

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I pass, lefteh is right, but I would not post a shirtless pic of me in my facebook profile (I’m all grown up!), I love the current one :)

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As a way to represent yourself to people who don’t know you, it’s tacky. I can see including one photo set in an appropriate venue (at the beach, water skiing, etc) in a group, but having random shirtless photos? That screams redneck trailer-trash to me. Blechh.

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Shirtless reminds me of the reason I stopped using myspace. I don’t know if it’s just me but I see facebook as cleaner than that.

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Hmmmph. Milo looks gorgeous without his shirt.

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I think it’s just a cry for attention.


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It’s summer here in Arkansas, and really hot. Plus I live on a lake so the only time I wear a shirt is when I have to. It just tends to happen that a lot of people in my area are the same way. Pictures get taken and posted. It’s not that big a deal in my opinion.

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Poser; good definition (but next time remember to suck it up just a tad.)

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—I want to thank the Academy, my parents, and particularly Robmandu for teaching me how to enlarge the thumbnails.

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If it’s how the person is more comfortable and as long as it’s not vulgar… skin really so scary?

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A girl in a bikini is great to look at on facebook, but a male: YECH!!!

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Since you asked, and I am sure others do not agree, shirtless pics, those in bikinis, minis, booty shorts, Daisy Dukes, etc. can mean a lot, or nothing. Some people do it because they have, as said before, with from super-sized to right-sized and they are proud of it, why would they do it if not to be seen? As said in a past thread about getting made up, if women will get all dolled up just for themselves, a person can take pics of themselves to make themselves feel better. Some do it to sample the waters as to how hot and boinkable they are, seeing that is rather important in this society today. They are not confident in themselves so they have to see how many positive comments or ”likes” (if that is what they call them, I have not been on Facebook in a couple of years) they get. Some are ”sexy and they know it”; why not use what Mother Nature gave you before Father Time takes it away, when he takes he rarely gives any back. IMO excessive might be if they have more than 20 pics and by proportion 80% of their total pic is shirtless, in bikini, Daisy Dukes, etc. Why have a sculpted attractive body and not benefit from it? That would be like having a Van Gogh you keep in the cellar for just the mice to see.

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As long as they are adults with good bodies it’s OK

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