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My ipod function on my iPhone is stuck on repeat! Anyone know how to fix this?

Asked by iriemuffin (219points) August 6th, 2008

I have tried the update (2.1), switching to different playlists, songs, etc, but they are all stuck on repeat unless I manually switch the song. This just started about 36 hours ago. I can’t find anything in the settings area to swtich off repeat as you can do in itunes. Anyone know a fix? Thanks

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Try restarting your iPhone.

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Did you accidentally push one of the repeat options? Looks like you access them by touching on the song while it’s playing.

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I did try restarting the phone.

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@Birdlegleft: I just looked around. I am playing a song and can’t seem to locate this function you speak of? What does it look like?

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Oh, I didn’t read that you couldn’t attempt to turn repeat off.
I don’t have an iPhone, but if I remember correctly, try this:
While a song is playing, tap the album artwork. On the left side of the playhead should be your repeat option. Tapping it changes that option.

Again, I don’t have an iPhone, and I’m not entirely sure if that is all correct. But give it a try.

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The repeat icon looks like a little racetrack. A loop with one or two arrows.

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Lefteh is right about the location of the repeat button.

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@lefteh, exactly! Thanks for the detailed follow up.

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I see it now. It seems to be working now. Thanks to all! This was driving me nuts :)

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@iriemuffin, you probably changed the setting accidentally. Glad that helped.

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@BirdlegLeft: I am sure that is what happened. I don’t always pay attention.


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Glad we could help!

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oh my gosh – i have been having the same problem – thank you SOOO much for the detailed answer!!!!

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Guys, I had the same problem…and found the answer here. Thanks! The problem is that tapping on the artwork once while a song is playing is not an obvious option. Once you tap the artwork, the repeat switch becomes visible again. Thanks again.

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