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What is your biggest pet peeve?

Asked by Sneki95 (6997points) December 9th, 2016

In case anyone wants to rant, here you have the chance.
So, what is your biggest pet peeve, your berserk button, something that annoys you to no end?

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Oh my…pick my poison here, a toss up between passive aggressive people, moody people, drama queen types on the personality spectrum. In terms of things/situations people that drive too fast in parking lots and and don’t use their turn signals and one of the most reviled, the stupid pop sayings the last handful of years that 40 is the “new” 20 and 60 is the “new” 40 and 80 is the “new” 60. What a crock of shit. haha

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So called native english speakers constantly failing at their own language.

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I hate it when my kindness is abused. I’m not anyone’s servant and I’m not to be ordered around. I especially hate it when I try to help and all I get is a sneer about why I don’t help more. I have given you all the help and if you want more, go work for yourself.

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When people spell the word “breathe” as breath.

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breath.


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@AnonymousAccount8: People do the same with “loose” and “lose” too.

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@jca it’s hard to chose which one is worse. ;)

Another one is when people write “it’s” but mean the possessive its. I always deconstruct the contraction in my head, so I read sentences like “You should realize some basic facts about Walmart and it’s dealings with employees and customers.” as “You should realize some basic facts about Walmart and it is dealings with employees and customers.” Drives me crazy!

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Too many to cite, but one I find completely annoying is the use of the term Third World Country incorrectly. Fucking learn what it means!

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Another is “apostrophe abuse.” A word like “holiday’s.” No apostrophe needed, yet people will put the apostrophe in it.

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@jca the German’s have a word for that. The apostrophe inside the “holiday’s” is called a deppenapostroph, or fool’s apostrophe.

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I think this might be a Midwestern thing, where people pronounce most vowels as the short letter “i”. It grates my eardrums.

Senate becomes “sinit”
Good become “gid”
Kevin becomes “kivin”

I like the inappropriate apostrophes in grocery store windows. It’s a time-honored tradition

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When people assume malice in actions that could be attributed to distraction or disability or other reasons. I actually get stupidly anxious in crowds/public because I know a lot of people will assume I’m an “idiot’ or rude if I accidentally get in their way or something. I get really overwhelmed and overstimulated and nervous and actually my anxiety just makes it that much harder for me to notice and be aware of everybody around me in order to accommodate them.

Just wish we’d generally assume that most people don’t have bad intentions, stop and think about what might be going on in their lives to cause that behavior, and exhibit some empathy.

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that misplaced apostrophe inside the “German’s” in my last comment was totally intentional.

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Mismatched wardrobes and 3 words….“I don’t know”. The worst is when they are said with shrugged shoulders and hands swung outward palms out….“I dun noooo” “Ka-POW”

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I guess you prefer people who pretend to know something they do not and try to bullshit you.

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Also, Fashion Nazis.

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people who deny climate change piss me off irrationally. Especially highly-educated PhD-holders who should freaking know better.

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People who:

- Answer yes-or-no questions with 20-minute stories. (Actually, I really can’t copy with a 20-minute story at all, for any reason.)

- Can’t understand that words such as media, data, and bacteria are plural, and who authoritatively say things such as, “Bacteria is infecting that wound.”

- Can’t construct, like, a single, like, phrase without, like, saying the word like.

- Tell me, “But it’s happy hour somewhere!,” after I’ve politely declined an alcoholic beverage. It’s never mandatory to eat or drink anything, and I really don’t enjoy being put on the spot and feeling compelled to explain why I’d rather not have alcohol.

- Say “At the end of day…” frequently, as a verbal crutch and to punctuate every statement.

- Never fail to complain about the heat during summertime and the cold during the winter.

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@ragingloli Those 3 words peeve me off just because they are the lie and I know they know.

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Also, litterers.

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@AnonymousAccount8 You’re 6 peeves in now, maybe you have a bit of a problem with complaining. lol ;-)

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Religious solicitors who ignore my “NO SOLICITING” sign on the front door.

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@Coloma it’s what gets me through the day.

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@ragingloli @AnonymousAccount8 Y’know, I find that phenomenon interesting. Native English speakers (not all, of course) nearly always misspell words and make grammar mistakes when writing, while non-native speakers who are fluent in English rarely make these mistakes. It’s usually failing to differ between similar sounding words and mixing up possessive with third person singular or plural form. (your:you’re/ Germans:German’s, and so on). I wonder if it’s an actual lack of literacy, failing to make a difference or simply not caring and writing too fast.

Similar to that, my slight pet peeve is when someone writes “Sorry for my bad English” when it’s obviously not bad at all.

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Also, people who stand in the middle of a doorway, chatting away and blocking traffic, being oblivious to the hate they seed in others.

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@ragingloli Or the middle of the stairway. Who the hell talks at the middle of the stairway?

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It should be legal to put a taser to their necks.

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Also, people who don’t understand what the flashing yellow traffic signal means.

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@AnonymousAccount8 What does it mean? (I don’t drive)

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In America, it means “proceed through this intersection with caution.”

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Someone opening the microwave door before turning it off.

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The Electoral College

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People who sweat the small stuff. Life is too short.

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Listening to whiners and complainers. It drives me absolutely insane, almost to the point I want to drop kick them to give them a reason whine and complain. I know it’s practically the same thing

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Controlling people and people who don’t apologize when they know they have done something wrong to me. Dirty and smelly environment, dishes, and equipments will also be in my list.

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When people make lists of shit they don’t like.

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Water beeps

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