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What can a bubble gum symbolize for you?

Asked by dopeguru (1894points) December 9th, 2016

It seems fragile yet controlled to an extent. (the amount of largeness you want to achieve while blowing it)

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It symbolizes chewiness.

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Popular music whose target audience is pubescent and pre-pubescent teens.

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It reminds me of being a kid.

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It reminds me that I traded my smoking habit for a chewing gum habit. My dentist comments that I have “freakishly strong” jaw muscles.

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Nastiness (at least the ones that have been chewed). A lean, sticky, slimy, substance reeks of salive smell. Always reminds me of my beloved shoes that have stepped on these icky things.

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Something I can’t do anymore; blow a bubble, because of my beard and moustache.

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It was fun..

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I loved bubble gum. I like to click click click it. I can’t chew it anymore. It symbolizes younger times.

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It reminds me of my childhood: Bazooka Joe comics, that pink color, the sweet unmistakable aroma.
Thanks for the memory refresher.

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It took me a while to understand that your question is about the bubble, not the gum. A couple of years ago, for some strange reason I was on a gumball kick. The business Costco sells the giant “Double Bubble” brand gum balls in 850 count boxes. It was evidently some sort of phase that I was going through and thank goodness it only lasted for 8–9 months. The fascinating thing that I found revealing about the truly unhealthy binge and addiction on my part was not so much my own predilection toward overdoing it with the gumballs, but the reaction of others when presented with a limitless supply of an item that had been imprinted since youth as an opportunity restricted to the interaction of quarter apiece involvement with happened upon machines. What I mean is that virtually anyone who spied the huge glass container filled to the brim with the bright rainbow of balls and sitting blatantly defenseless on the hall table – everyone was transported instantly to the age of 8 and reacted pretty much exactly as did the grandsons. In my entire life, I don’t think I’d ever been so popular. It was a lesson on just how durable are the impulses we acquire as kids. I’ll tell you this. If and when the wife runs off with the mailman, I will refill that jar and never be lonely!

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My son LOVES bubble gum and gets Hubba Bubba every chance he gets. (he’s only allowed sweets on Saturdays) Bubble gum reminds me of more innocent times. Pig tails, roller skates and my rainbow sweater than no one read anything into other than it was a rainbow on a sweater.

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It goes in hard, and comes out soft. Tastes odd the first time, but most people kind of like it. Some people swallow it all, some spit it out when they are done.

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If your question is about the bubble itself, it reminds me of this painting. Apparently Chardin was thinking along the same line as you.

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