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Have you ever used Uber to get somewhere?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) December 9th, 2016

I have sibs and my secretary who love Uber. Why do you or why won’t you use Uber?

Have you ever taken a ride with Uber? If so how was your experience? If you are an Uber driver what’s it like? Any crazy stories to share?

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In NYC last spring my son who has an account called Uber to take us from the Lower East Side to the Upper West. An ordinary car and a pleasant enough driver. I’m thinking of opening an account although I tend to either drive myself or use public transportation if I’m in a city.

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From what I read, they appear to be a really shitty company that exploits their drivers.
Not going to support such a company, and in any case, I do not trust these random drivers either.

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Uber in my experience is very fast and efficient. You are given details of the driver and the car that will pick you up and you can even track its progress on Google maps. It always arrives in minutes. It is very safe as driver and passenger details are known by Uber. If you leave an umbrella in the car for example you can contact your driver to get it back. The drivers I have spoken to also like it as it gives them flexibility in their working hours.

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I use Uber occasionally and it’s great. When you call a traditional cab, you don’t know when they’re coming. I’ve missed a couple of flights because the driver didn’t show and the cab company didn’t bother to call.

With Uber, you can see where the cars are on the phone app’s map or the web site. You have an estimated time of arrival. When you request a ride, there is a confirmation when a driver has actively picked your request and commits.

My 85 year old mother has to give up driving and we’re trying to get her using Uber. The hardest part is she’s having a difficult time figuring out how to use a smart phone.

My brother and I are on call to order a car for her, but that’s kind of clumsy. I have high hopes, because while she lives in the suburbs with no car, Uber can give her a lot of mobility.

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I prefer Lyft as it’s a little cheaper where I am.

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I used it once, because I was with friends and they were leading the group and paying. The driver failed to drop me where I asked to be dropped, and was unaware of construction that any taxi driver would have worked around. I wasn’t impressed.

I don’t use them at all if given the choice, for the reasons that @ragingloli cites. We have a good cab system in this city, and I don’t want competition from Uber to drive them out, particularly since Uber is well-known for gouging its clients when it has no competition of its own. They’re not giving cheap rides because they are nice. They’re doing it so that they can charge whatever the fuck they want once they’re the only game in town.

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Not a fan. Lots of concerns with price gouging and then we busted the uber-mapper driving the wrong way up our wrong way street.

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I think uber drivers are crazy. More often than not, when I throw people out of clubs I’m working (usually for baligerent behavior ) they get into an uber car. The driver has NO idea who they are picking up, or what they might do. If you’re a female uber driver ,I’m even more confused why you would do it.

Taxi cab driver is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Most taxis at least have a barrier between the driver and the passenger.

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@Rarebear I was not aware of Lyft…thanks for adding that to this discussion. Any Lyft experiences Jellies at large?

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@MrGrimm888 The Uber driver usually has some idea who he is picking up as the drivers can rate their passengers. If someone has caused trouble in the past he or she can decline to pick them up. Also being sick in the taxi leads to a fixed charge to clear up the mess. No arguments.

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Lyft, 3–4 times. Uber keeps screwing up my credit card.

My Lyft experiences:

1_ LAX Airport to Pomona, California. 50 minute drive. Nice, educated driver, great conversation.

2_ Pomona Hotel to restaurant. The guy got lost, ended up charging me for his mistake.

3_ Restaurant to hotel. Different guy. Smart guy, entrepreneur, working on his MBA and driving part time. Nice conversation.

So… Lyft, for me, has been pretty good.

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I consider it safer than a “regular” taxi.

I have used it quite a few times. It’s a very convenient and affordable alternative to public transportation for people in cities who might not have cars.

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I heard you automatically get $300 if one of the passengers vomits in your car…

I don’t know how much you get for being raped and murdered. Maybe $400…..

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Whatever. I use it all the time in San Francisco. I take BART and then uber or lyft wherever I want to go. It’s way easier than trying to chase down a taxi.

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