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Does Mcdonald's food make anyone else sick?

Asked by AshlynM (10683points) December 10th, 2016

I don’t eat there all the time but when I do, I get the worst stomach pains and feel very nauseated. The pain usually goes away within a couple of hours.
It’s strange though. No other fast food makes me feel that way, only with Mcdonald’s.
Does this happen to anyone else?

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I also don’t usually eat fast food but if you ask me which fast food I would prefer I would say Mac D (what we call the place here), it has different (if not better) taste than most other fast food restaurants.

I must say that it’s not wise to conclude that their food might be bad or the cause of your ‘situation’ as many people are who eat there are still up and running, otherwise you’ll soon find that that the business will face boycott in public.

There are many factors that may cause the symptomps like what you described. You obviously don’t eat three meals there, your body might have gone (perhaps coincidentally) through certain biological/hormonal stage at day you eat there, you only eat certain food items that has reaction on your body over there, etc. Until you can gather conclusive evidence I’m afraid it’s impossible to blame Mac D for food poisoning.

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Have you ever tasted one of their burgers plain without any sauce on it? It is really nauseating, just about tasteless and full of grease.

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No, McDonald’s doesn’t make me sick. It must be something in your digestive of metabolism systems.

Wendy’s once served me a double burger, mostly uncooked I guess, and it made me puke for 3 days.

I imagine it’s the person, not the food.

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As said above, if McD’s had some ingredient that made everyone sick across the board, they’d soon be out of business. I’m guessing your body is allergic to something in their ingredients.

If you want a nice, pure tasting burger that’s fast food, try Five Guys.

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@jca – 100% agree about Five Guys – and their french fries are excellent too.

MY favorite Five Guys burger—> mushrooms and grilled onions, with ketchup.

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MacDonald’s has food? ;-)

Yes, it started happening to me when I was about six years old, when I tried some of one of their milkshakes and I quickly had to vomit.

The milkshake and burgers both seem to me to be made of varieties of synthetic foam. I have (very rarely) tried the burgers and it seems like a soft sponge and can make my stomach uneasy, not to mention the “what am I eating?” distress.

However there are a few other menu items I’ve had that, while not great, didn’t bother my stomach. The European version of the fish sandwich. The pie. The egg muffin sandwich. The fries. In general I strongly avoid the place.

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I have always been suspicious about McDonald’s so have never eaten there. My advice is to avoid it.

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OP: Do you always go to the same McDonald’s? Some locations are managed better than others. It might be a sanitary issue.

I do find that the mayonnaise (or facsimile thereof) used at most fast food places seems to cause problems for me. I often need an extended session in the restroom within hours after I eat fast food with mayo on it, regardless of which place I go to.

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Arbeys and burger King makes me sick. Macdonalds is fine. I prefer A&W

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Nooo. I eat their hash brown for breakfast every morning. I used to get an egg McMuffin or a sausage cheese biscuit too, which are both awesome, but I don’t any more. Just the hashbrown.

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Nope. McD’s is like vacation to me. Lol. A treat.

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