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When waiting in a check out line and the person behind you only has a couple of items do you let them ahead of you?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19394points) December 10th, 2016

I do it quite often and it really shocks people that you are letting them ahead of you.
But I can say nobody has ever offered this to me when it is me standing behind them with only a couple of items, and they have a full cart load.
Do you let them ahead or make them wait?

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I always wave people in front of me if they have a small handful of items. I hate grocery shopping so tend to do it by the giant cartload very occasionally. I wouldn’t want to be in line behind me.

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If I have a bunch of stuff, yeah. People have done that for me too. It often has little impact on the person who’s going to have to wait a long time, and a big impact on the people with little who are saved that wait.

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No, since I only usually have a few items myself. I get the wave from time to time and do appreciate it, though.

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Yes. People have let me pass, too.

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I have done it and had it done for me too.

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someone did that for me once and it was so nice and unexpected. I’ll try to remember to do it for other people too.

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Yes. If someone has, say, 1–3 items, and I’m buying considerably more things, I always let the person go ahead of me. I usually get the same courtesy from other people.

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I do it often, and people do it for me. I’m surprised by your details, @SQUEEKY2, as I found (at least 20 years ago when I was there a lot) that people in BC were quite easy going and accomodating in that way.

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Ahem, we have sta…oh, you know by now.

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Yes. Why not? It doesn’t inconvenience me, and it leaves a smile on someone else’s face. These things have a way of making the world a happier place, even if we don’t see the immediate consequences.

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If I ever buy a lot of groceries, which is almost never, I do let people in front of me.

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I will often offer, but they don’t often take me up on it.

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It depends.

Teenager buying cigarettes or beer, no.

Mom buying diapers (only), yes.

Senior with a couple of articles of food, yes.

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Yes, always (though rarely am I offered the same courtesy).
I’ve found supermarkets are a great place to exercise civility and try to do so however I can.

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Thanks @Pachy at least someone has the same type of experience that I do.

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I do it and today a woman waved me ahead with my three items.

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@SQUEEKY2, so the only person to get thanked on this thread is the person who has had a similar negative experience?

I also let people in before me if I notice they have a couple of items, and I too have had people do the same for me. Perhaps you should move if you’re finding people where you live behave so disagreeably.

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Sorry thank you all for your answers.

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@SQUEEKY2 I have been offered a spot closer to or at the checkout stand several times. And I have offered a closer spot for others who only have a few items.

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If I notice, yes.

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