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Did I just find a Fluther bug?

Asked by Vincentt (8079points) August 6th, 2008


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huh? what’s the bug? the “0” response thing? if so, ive seen that before too.

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ya wuts the glitch?

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it says “0 responses” under ‘new activity, but under ‘questions you’re following’ it says “9 responses”

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yeah, that usually happens when the person was “observing” the thread, and new quips were posted. but then leaves it and so it shows under activity, but he/she has already seen it because they were just on the thread. ok….......i definitely did not make sense right there.

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Lol. It is 0 New responses. There were 9 total, but you’ve seen them all, thus no response in there would be New.

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@enzo: good catch!

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You mean, like this?

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@Enzo – if there were no new responses, why is it listed under new activity?

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