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Do must guys prefer if a girl slept with less guys than them?

Asked by dopeguru (1917points) December 12th, 2016

Let’s say guys and girls in between ages 17–27

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Worrying about how many guys they slept with is a sure sign of insecurity issues.

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Since I have never slept with a guy every girl I have been with has at least slept with one more than me.

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How would you know how many guys they slept with? It’s not like there is a built in counter.

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I think that is one of the topics between lovers that should be kept to oneself.
To me it matters more if the other partners are guys we will run into during daily activities and social events. I’d rather not know.

Remember the Seinfeld where Jerry had really fallen for a woman (She’s perfect!) – until he found out Newman had dated and broke up with her years earlier? Jerry couldn’t get past it. He was obsessed with thoughts: “Why did Newman leave?” “Why was she not good enough for Newman but OK for him?” “What kind of person dates someone like Newman!”
Very funny… and more than a touch of truth to it.

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If a guy’s intelligent and emotionally stable, he won’t keep a count. He won’t ask, and he certainly shouldn’t dwell on the matter.

During 25 years of marriage, and counting, my husband’s never raised that question. He knows I’m a decent person who makes the right ethical choices (as he and I define them). He’s also confident that I’ve never strayed from our relationship.

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Since the only guy I’ve ever slept with was my brother – and we were both pre-pubescent when that happened, so get those minds out of the gutter, please – it would be difficult for me to find a girl or women who had “slept with less guys than I had”.

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Couldn’t give a fuck.

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In the limited sample group of men that I have had that sort of conversation with, yes they do, in general. They may think they shouldn’t and say so, or say they don’t (and/or wish they didn’t) but in the limited actual open conversations I’ve had, they did.

(assuming by “must” you meant “most”, since “Do must” doesn’t make sense)

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I remember talking about this with a girlfriend when we were 20, maybe 21. She had more sexual experience than I did. (not by much, I should add) – but these were the 1970s.

Anyway, it didn’t bother me – I said “Hey, S***, maybe you can teach me some new stuff:. And she obliged. Worked out just fine.

How many guys you slept with – that’s a fact. All the wishing in the world isn’t going to change a fact. So the real issue is – how is the guy going to handle it?

Not your problem.

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Never been a concern for me. And as I grew into my twenties (the upper portion of your range in the question), a bit more experience was enticing that I might learn something new.

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Your sexual experience is your own. Most men are pretty insecure & just want to know that they are the best you have ver had. Yeah. It sounds really stupid, but you have to stroke that ego for most men out there.
Even though it is 2016/2017 people still think that is a woman has slept with 3 guys (it can mean 13) & if I guy say he has slept with 3 women (it’s like 33). People LIE.

Just keep in mind that STDs are as easy to get as a yeast infection.

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One girlfriend I had was known for being rather a tramp.

She eventually told me she had had more than 70 “dates” by her mid ‘20’s.

I didn’t tell her for a long time but this fact was actually quite a turn on for me.

She kept a journal with details and descriptions. I never got up the nerve to ask her if I could see it. Oh well.

I’ve been donating blood for decades now. By some miracle I never caught anything.

The men (boys) from my earlier years? I just never cared to know. Probably because those experiences (at least for me) were purely sexual and not emotional.

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A girl’s past was no worry of mine as long as it was genuinely past. Even in my youth, I had the sense to understand that nothing but grief would result from any attempt to compete with a pretty girl’s history. I mean it’s just common sense to expect the object of my affection to have been every bit as busy as myself.

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PS: Since I know that you’re still working on learning and expressing English – “most”, not “must”, and in this case “fewer” instead of “less”. (“Fewer” because it’s a discrete count instead of “less”, which would work for terms of bulk or quality.)

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Men tend to be fragile creatures with even more fragile egos. Take a good look at who is running the country. Trump still can’t get over the fact that he lost the popular vote and has been trying to rewrite history and facts from even before he took office.
Even though, this isn’t the 19th Century there are some things that will never change. Men do not want to hear about the other men a woman has been with. They just want to know that they are the best. Most would prefer a woman to have some experience but that also depends on how he was raised. The double standard will never go away. Men believe that they should have extensive education in this area while women aren’t supposed to be sluts. It’s stupid.

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