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Do you have any tips or resources for learning russian?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) December 14th, 2016

See question.

I am pretty new, and working diligently at it.

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Rosetta Stone.

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Maria Zdorovetskaya and Стихи channels on Youtube, as well as Duolingo course in Russian. I think I have some other pages on my computer, I’ll link you as soon as I get my hands on the PC in few hours.
Also, every media made in Russian; film, literature( stihi channel is dedicated to Russian poetry), music…

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It’s-a me again!

This and this


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I took Russian for a year in college, and although I was keen to learn it (my inner linguist nerd wanted to learn a language with a whole different alphabet), I think it would have been very difficult without other people around me who were also learning. It’s a lot all at once: new alphabet, new grammar rules, new sounds to pronounce. I’m not saying you have to enroll in a course, but I’d recommend at least trying to find people through Meetup or some similar thing so that you can have conversations.

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@everyone thanks….. @sneki95 thanks for the links… I think what you wrote sounds like Nasla-jdat-YA…. now what’s it mean… I won’t go translate it I’ll wait for you to enlighten me, it’ll be more meaningful.

@dappledleaves I agree. I have a few native speakers around to practice with.

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Hаслаждаться means “Enjoy”. It’s read as Naslazhdat’sya. By the way, Duolingo has an option to meet up with other members to learn together. I also remembered this, a great series.

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@Sneki95 thanks so much I’m emailing these to myself in case the world of fluther vanishes somehow

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@Sneki95 How did you type the russian on the keyboard? I know how to swap my keyboard language… do you swap back and forth or is there a button that let’s you toggle it like on a phone.

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I just click the language bar in the Start menu when I need another alphabet. I don’t know of any special keys.

and truth be told, I copy pasted the word from the Google Translate. Sorry. I do have the keyboard on the computer, though.

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You are absolutely right.
A person, a companion to talk to.. to have a conversation is needed.
Russians, esp. Ruskie girls and elderly women are good at heart to talk to..
They like love n enjoy..!
They are open to talk to.. Girls are cool.

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