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What, to you, is your ideal temperature and weather?

Asked by jca (35989points) December 14th, 2016

I’m in the northeastern part of the US, and it’s going to be cold until at least April. In this weather, I tend to want to lay under the covers bundled up with socks on. If I go somewhere, I dread having to go back out into the cold to get in my car. It’s almost painful. I don’t like extreme heat, but I definitely am not productive when it’s very cold outside or inside.

I do enjoy an occasional overcast day because it reminds me of my childhood in California for some reason. I just remember walking with my mom and it was a dreary, overcast day so that type of day brings me back.

What is your ideal temperature and weather?

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Temperature: no idea, I never check on that.

Weather: sunny, if possible (not necessarily), but not hot. Like in winter, when it’s sunny, but still cold-ish.

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I love sunny days that are not to hot ,ideally around 18c or about 68f.
Ones that you can play or work outside and not sweat your ass off type thing.

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I’d say high 20s/low 30s in Australia. That’s pleasant. However, I just love cold days when I can snuggle up inside or going for a walk all rugged up. Winter is a very mild affair here, so I don’t get to enjoy such weather often. I love rainy days too. God knows why I live in the sub-tropics! I should be in Antarctica. I’ve been whinging about it being too hot, and not Christmassy. At one point my husband said he’d take me down the road to the blast freezer and leave me in there for a while and then I’d have my cold Christmas.

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-5 to plus 20 Celsius. Thunder storm with lots of lightning.

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72 and a three mph breeze. That is ideal for just about anything i like to do except snow ski. Warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt.

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25 °C and dry but not arid. Occasional rain is acceptable to break up the monotony and avoid droughts.

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Low to mid 60s and overcast. I like it to be a bit chilly.

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My favorite types of days are:

Cold and rainy

Sunny, in the high 70s.

Snowy (if I’m indoors)

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Yeah I love snow if I don’t have to drive in it. If I’m on vacation or staying home (weekend) and it’s s tress free, I love an occasional snowy day. It’s also a great excuse for a guilt free day of binge watching a series. If I’m lucky I might do something productive too, if I can warm up.

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70s, low humidity.

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