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Do you trust your government (wherever you happen to live)?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) December 14th, 2016

Do you trust your government because there is no other government available, or do you trust your government because you truly think they are doing a good job or better and are truly a benefit to their citizens? If you do have trust for your government what percent trust do you give them, and if not 100% why is that?

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Fuck no. Only an idiot would trust them.
Why? Because every single politician in Serbia is a lying, corrupted, hypocritical pig with no scruples and morals. A man who proposed ethnic cleansing and sang songs about slaughtering and eating Croats is now trying to run for the president and you know what? He actually has a chance of winning. The current president is supposedly against him, but the two of them are closely related and have been buddies for years before the first one went to Hague to be trialled for war crimes. Then our dear president supposedly changed his views and became all pro-EU. Until he became the president, that is. After that, he just turned into a medal giving puppet with no real purpose whatsoever. That shithead is representing the country and he doesn’t even have a college degree. The prime minister is the overlord of the country who can’t get his damn face out of the tv screen with his “I work all the time” propaganda and changes political sides and ideologies more often than socks. Every other politician is nothing but an asskisser to our lord and saviour ser Prime Minister. Even the opposition is useless, nothing but a bunch of loafers with fancy suits and beer bellies. The whole political scene is boiled down to praising the current leader and being as incompetent as possible, from the president himself to the local town mayor. It is infuriating how ridiculously hypocritical, unscrupulous, idiotic and shameless politicians are. It’s all about positions in the government and making money. Fuck the people.

Only a complete idiot with no brains and education whatsoever can truly believe any of those pigs. And sadly, our country is full of them.

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In a democracy, everybody in government is whoring for votes.
I get it. I accept that.
It is may job to understand that.
I do not trust them to look out for my interests, until or unless they have time left over after they look after their interests.

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I trust the government workers. I don’t trust most of the politicians and appointees.

And I do not trust those charged with managing government violence.

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I don’t trust people. The government is run by the worst type of people. So…....

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I trust that I somewhat understand the different motives of my home government and my adopted one by knowing what elements influence their decisions.

Do I trust that the US Government’s world vision and the processes with which they employ to realize it is in the best interest of the majority of the people in this world, or even the majority of it’s own citizens? No. Not at all.

Do I trust the St. Lucia government and that the basis of it’s decision process is to make life better for all St. Lucians? Yes. They have demonstrated that time and again.

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Depends. My answer reflects politicians, not the rank and file government workers.

My local county government – yes, I generally trust them. For one thing, they’re more or less accessible to the citizens of my county. I can call them on the phone and get an answer. I may not agree 100% of the time, but they County government is made of people that I can speak with.

My state government – utterly untrustworthy. They don’t reflect their electorate. Most of them are political hacks. They care more about their church and posturing than they do serving the people of the state of Georgia. They’re full of themselves.

Federal government politicians – all liars. All full of themselves. Even the sanctimonious Mr Sanders. To be a politician at the national level, you must have been a successful scumbag at a lower level. National politicians are sellouts and whores.

And I say this in the most complimentary way.

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I fall into the “no other government available” category. Our government system is the most bizarre thing ever. There is an election, sure, but most of the time people don’t know who they are voting for. The candidates never go out preaching things to their citizens, some of them even seem to pop out from nowhere. All you have is a long list with names and what the candiates have done. But how the hell do you know if anyone is any good just by looking at some generic lines and not actually interacting with them? Voting is compulsory, so everyone just randomly choose a person and hope for the best. No one cares whether they have chosen a saint or a demon because after the election everything just stay the same. The government system has been the same for years, and the election is merely a change in members. So really, there is nothing else for us to fall back on, although the system is like a tired old man dragging his balls around and shouting at everyone and everything.

That is what I really hate about the government: they just refuse to change. Years after years they hold onto their outdated “communist philosophy” like it’s the ultimate Bible, despite the fact that they have already failed at least twice before. They also don’t have any realistic short term goal. Ask them what they want to achieve in aby aspect, and a typical answer you get from them is always: “Until <insert year>, <insert anything> will <insert any ideal future bullshit> according to the communist philosophy”. You can’t even point out their mistakes either, for fear they will flip out. They just have that unexplained adversity for change.

So, people are going to cling on a self-center old man for a long time. Not necessarily out of trust, but out of fear that there will be no one else to protect them when the old man dies because, let’s face it, although people whine about the old man all time, no one has enough courage or talent to take the lead and make a change.

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^Can I just say, I love @Mimishu1995 ....

I am an American. Yet I feel like an alien. Not just to my country, but my planet.

Many if us share a common goal. Just to live…... No other games of rich men. No wars.

Just working, and being happy when you aren’t…. Why is that SO fucking hard?.......

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^ It’s hard because what I see is good is not the same as what my neighbor (or even closer) sees as good. We all want peace, but we have very different, opposite even, perceptions of what peace is.

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No, but what the fuck am I gonna do, join a flat earth society?

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Of course I do. I also ate a rainbow for dinner.

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I don’t know that I trust them. I pay attention to them. That is more important imho.

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