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How do we determine the fine line between freedom of speech and being mindful of cyberbullying on the internet?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) December 14th, 2016

Teen suicide is a huge problem and its no secret that a sizeable portion of cases are caused by online harassment (or cyberbullying).

So my question is, in the interest of respect the human right of freedom of speech and expression; how should online communities deal with cyberbullying?

This is a topic I want to discuss at some point on YouTube. So as a means of research, I would like to gather some views on this issue.

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Banning anyone who is attacking others, and reporting such cases, even if you are not the victim. If Bob wants to act an asshole, he can get to another website where that shit is allowed.

As for the cyberbullying victims, Nigahiga gave a very practical advice: Turn off the computer and leave the place. Truth be told, you can very easily evade it and distance yourself from the attackers, by either leaving, or blocking the person. It’s not like school bullying or domestic violence where you can’t escape.

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@Sneki95 has the answer. Report abusive language, ban abusive people.

You have a right to be an asshole, but gaming and social media platforms have a right to kick assholes out of their communities.

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Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, are all about voicing one’s political, religious, and economic opinions and belief. But that freedom does not extend to attacking a private individual. And it certainly does not extend to gossip and fabrication of a private individual.

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Since both my sons were greatly affected by social media cyber bullying as a parent my initial reaction would be caning, stoning and or 100 lashes for the bullies.

But seriously, seeing it first hand for what it is nowadays, I would call for education…not the nanny state hand holding kind of education but the kind that lays out the good bad and ugly of this type of virtual beat down that kids give and get these days. It is beyond hard core and victims need to be educated on the essentials of virtual sticks and stones will break my bones but names and bullshit will never hurt me.

Bullies equally need to better understand the power and effect of what cyber bullying can have on their victims. Hundreds if not thousands of kids take their lives in the wake of the cyber shame that comes their way from cyber bullying and many more are scarred for life from these experiences.

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Most online sites are privately owned. Therefore, the constitution doesn’t aply. If Facebook wants people to not say certain things ,they have that right.

Freedom of speech only applies in certain areas.

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Before one posts, one should look at the message as if it was aimed at them. If they wouldn’t want to read it, they shouldn’t post it.

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Freedom of speech is in no way harmed by censorship rules in private communities. Freedom of speech only says that the state cannot jail you for things that you say. It doesn’t mean I, a private citizen, have to tolerate you hanging out in my home and spewing whatever racist crap you want. A private citizen or company is well within its rights to set guidelines for acceptable/unacceptable speech within its own domain.

If you’re worried about censorship or the idea that you might be closing yourself off to a diverse range of views, that’s another matter entirely.

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Freedom of speech in the USA is freedom to speak against the government without retribution. Any website that is a privately owned entity can make any rules they wish about speech and behavior on their site.

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@Mariah Freedom of Speech in the USA protects us from punishment for speaking against the government. The state certainly may jail you for things that you say. Think death threats, harrassment, assault, inciting riots and/or violence, perjury, false statements, and on and on. There are people in jail for verbally cheering for a rape in progress. That’s all they did…..speak.

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Alright, yes, there are exceptions (the famous one is yelling fire in a crowded theater), I was just trying to keep my summary succinct. My answer and your first answer are basically identical in spirit.

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If I were to write the words: “I REGRET I HAVE BUT ONE LIFE TO GIVE FOR MY COUNTRY.” That is free speech, not original but still free speech. If some asshole were to write hurtful words to anyone then that is bullying, to wish harm upon another is bullying. Racial comments are also bullying and none of this bullying should be allowed.

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