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Is there such thing as vocation?

Asked by lifeflame (5907points) August 6th, 2008

Were you born with a certain talent or passion for a specific type of work?
Have you followed this path? Has it made you happy?
Does it cause you pain if you ignore it?

Do you ever feel a sense of inevitability at having ended up where you are, or what you must do next in terms of life-work?

Are we meant to do certain things in life and if so, how does one know anyway?

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I think there can be… I have always been drawn to creative activities (painting, drawing, writing, etc.) but have never made my living by doing them. If I stay away from the things I love doing for too long, I do suffer for it, and always return to them.

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Sure. I have a couple weeks of vocation coming up soon.

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For me it’s flying.

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I always had a love affair with my language and several of the Romance ones – reading them, speaking them, writing in them.

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I’m a visual artist. It’s all I can do, it’s all I’ve ever done, really. I couldn’t imagine being successful or fulfilled doing anything else as a career.

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I work one job not in the automotive industry to fund my expensive racing hobby.

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Umm….does the need for change and new things and constant chaos to conquer count as a calling or vocation? If so, then yea, I believe it’s possible – otherwise; no.

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In a profoundly jewish way I will answer this question with another one:
Is there such a thing as ‘Love at first sight’? (which actuallly I will ask as a separate question)

I believe that everybody experiences being attracted to a certain type of activity more or less intensely. Some fall into an activity, and by doing it for a while with a reasonable degree of success, become it. Personally, I have always been attracted to the ‘Language Arts’, akin to Gailcalled, but am a rather mediocre writer, and being an ardent and discriminating reader is not so easy to convert into a paying job. So, I became a computer programmer, rather fell into the occupation pragmatically. 25 years later – this is what I have become, a techie. So, go figure…
I know one doctor, of a multi-generational medical lineage, who to my question, ‘Why did you become a doctor?, ansered, only semi-jokingly, ‘I did not know you could become anything else’. Is that a vocation?

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Yes. I believe that Audiology is perfectly suited to my brain and personality, but I had never heard of it until I was nearly 23 years old!!

I felt at a loss for what I should choose as a major and a career, and I even dropped-out of school for a couple years. When I made myself go back, I decided to take electives that piqued my curiosity, and doing so ultimately led to me finding my vocation. In my first day of Audiology 101, the lightbulb went on, and I am do glad that I didn’t settle for something else.

Now it’s 16 years since I got my Master’s Degree and I really do still enjoy what I do. The best part is when my patients have tears of gratitude in their eyes, or give me a hug for helping them. That makes all the more difficult times worthwhile.

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Not vocation, but avocation. I’m really happy when I’m doing what I’m not doing at work, when I’m not at work, but rather elsewhere. Not that I’m not happy at work; I’m just not as happy as when I’m not, and not working to boot.

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Knot: OK. Parse those sentences, or not.

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Yes, I knew what I wanted to do with my life in Kindergarten. My teacher wrote it down in detail and I have done it.

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I have sensed a calling to two vocations, so yes, I believe in vocations. They both give me immense satisfaction as I serve God through serving others and using my God-gifted gifts and talents.

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