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SW-The Force Awakens--Rey's parentage?

Asked by abcbill (1119points) December 14th, 2016

Seems to be a lot of discussion about parents. If one watches the end of the original PINK FIVE mini-series, seems that a couple of very—er-enthusiastic Jedi Warriors seem to have found a new use for the Force…

So, could Stacy and Luke be the unknown parents????

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I don’t know anything about the Pink Five.

I do know that George Lucas hasn’t had an original thought since 1968, and any question about Rey’s parentage at all will be settled by the fans in public forum long before the answer appears on film, for the sole reason that fan theory has always been the place from where Lucas draws the material for his sequels, prequels, and whatever-quels.

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Except that George Lucas no longer has anything to do with Star Wars.

That said, for my money, the Force Awakens (the film and its novelization) all but flashed “LUKE’S DAUGHTER!!!!” in big, blinking neon letters.

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