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Should bald people be charged the same as fully-haired men at the barber shop?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28839points) December 15th, 2016

As asked.

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Yes. Those foldovers are hard to trim properly.

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Or a man with 3 feet of tangled hair?

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I’m bald.

Before I bought my own electric clippers, I would only pay $8 to have my head sheared to the nub of the hairs. Other men paid at least $10.

I’m on my second electric clipper. I doubt I’ll ever go back to the barber. I spend 10 minutes every Saturday morning trimming my head. It’s quite simple.

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My ex now has one permanent matt of hair that hangs down his back. I thought he cut it, but no, it’s just matted like an unkempt animal and he needs a buzz cut to get rid of it. They should definitely charge more for gross cases like that . Also, hair styling is hard even when some of the scalp is exposed. Some times especially depending on the shape of the head.

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I have a three-legged cat, and I always get a 25% discount on claw-trims!

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@Love_my_doggie The trim of the three remaining paws doesn’t need to be aesthetically sympathetic to the missing leg…. or does it?

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Don’t they have a wash-n-wax for the baldies? Polish that scalp to a fine patina. haha

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Yes. A customer is paying for a barber’s skill and experience regardless of how many hairs he has on his head (or in his ears).

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I even knew a hair dresser that clipped eyebrows of bushy men.

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@cazzie But yes… All three-quarters of Martin are in perfect balance and harmony.

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I’ve no experience at all with professional hairdressers and barbers, but I’d imagine there are several factors involved in the ultimate cost of service, from length of hair, to thickness of hair, to the skill necessary to acheive the desired final look.

I’d expect that someone wanting a Basic Training-style delousing buzz cut would pay less than someone wanting a cut that skillfully masked a bald spot, even if the latter had less hair.

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Those quick cut places and barber shops usually charge a minimal amount anyway. I can see charging a little less for less work, that seems fair. I’m not sure it is always less work?

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How about they charge women the same amount of money as they do men? That’s a big pet peeve of mine. Well, actually, larger than a pet peeve. This is something that hits me in the pocket book.

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@tranquilsea The woman who cuts my hair charges me the same as she charges her female clients for the same thing. But i don’t get highlights.

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If hair is hair, why does it cost twice as much to cut mine as it does a mans?

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Also, how about bras cost the same as men’s undershirts and tampons aren’t taxed as a fucking LUXURY ITEM!

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@zenvelo I don’t get highlights either. AND I usually rock a pixie. Here’s how bad the bias is: I was getting really frustrated with paying $60 and having my hairdresser NOT do what I want. They always make changes to make it “look more feminine”. So I went to my local barber and asked the owner (a WOMAN) if they would cut my hair. She looked puzzle and then said yes and then tacked $5 onto the cost of what a man would pay.

I would be happier if they just charged for the service. Men get highlights too. Men actually get all the things a woman does.

Anyways: sorry for hijacking the question.

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