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What are your thoughts on the Republic of Cascadia?

Asked by rojo (24159points) December 15th, 2016

Cascadia. Ever hear of it? It is a proposed independent bioregional comprising an area from Alaska to northern California based on, according to the article, “an anti-colonial and decolonizing approach by not letting us be the prisoners of imperial cartography, the lines drawn on a map by distant political diplomats and circumstantial events, but instead embraces the diversity of the landscape and its natural flow of energy (water).”
While I can see people in the US having a positive reaction to it in this time of division and strife, I wonder how the Canadians living in the area feel.

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As a Northern Californian born in Washington and having lived in Canada at times as a child, I would welcome it.

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Cascadia, if it ever were to exist, wouldn’t last for long.

That area (NW United States, Western Canada) is seen as the locus for the next big catastrophic earthquake.

article 1

article 2

and many more

So even if it were to be ‘independent’, it won’t last long.

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I’d move there.

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@elbanditoroso That doesn’t change based on political/national boundary.

I will take chances from an earthquake with our enlightened building codes.

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@zenvelo – assuming you can build underwater

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The idea of nation-states is only just over 200 years old. It’s new. It will take some time, but it will fade. I do not know what will replace it. I suspect it will be a loose configuration of laws.

That’s assuming we survive the incoming US administration. We could all die in a nuclear holocaust. The planet could be rendered uninhabitable within the next 500 years, too, if we leave the Paris Climate Treaty.

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All this talk of secession—Calexit, Texit, etc., etc. Why would we even think of this? The issue of “the right to secede” brought us the Civil War. And if I were a Canadian, I wouldn’t have any interest whatsoever in erasing any political boundaries between us and the Americans. I might be thinking about building a wall.

Do we think we could even walk into a Target or Starbucks and find that everyone under that roof is in political accord—even in northern California? Can you even show me a single organization—how about a church?—that doesn’t have some kind of internal political issues going on? If not, why would we think we can draw a huge geographical boundary and not have to work and struggle and compromise in order to get along with the others inside it? That’s what we have to do now, and not try to segregate ourselves into little like-minded groups that by definition would have strong differences with their neighbors.

According to this KQED news story, Russia is supporting a movement called “Calexit,” which is led by a American who lives in Russia, and has funded various other initiatives to break up the U.S. KQED is the PBS station in San Francisco.

Quote from article:

“This is what Russia is great at,” says Robert English, an expert on Russia and associate professor of international relations, Slavic languages and environmental studies at USC. “Their media apparatus is so good at spreading disinformation. It makes the line between nutsos and normal people hard to draw.”

Another article I read yesterday quoted a former advisor to the Kremlin who said that the Kremlin loves chaos in the world; the more chaos, the better for the Kremlin. Exactly what we got in the presidential campaigns and we are still getting, more of it every day.

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If we didn’t have nuclear weapons to split up, and there would be no civil war over it, I’d be for it. I’d be for Texit too. Barring that, I’d be for less Federal legislation and more diversity between state laws and so on, so that the people who don’t agree on what laws should be like, could have laws that match and/or move someplace where they did match. On the other hand, it’d probably mean that polluting corporations would find someplace where they could destroy the local environment.

I do feel like there are major differences between West Coast culture and many other parts of the county.

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It’s another of those proposed dreams that’s going nowhere. The overwhelming majority of the people residing in the proposed fairyland are inextricably vested in the status quo.

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I put it as even with the scuttlebutt of the Amero.

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It’s stupid.

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I think it’d be interesting because borders change so infrequently it would be interesting to see a new country formed. Last one we had was South Sudan and before that, Montenegro. So Cascadia would be an interesting addition to the bunch.

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